I had a pretty good 4th of July


Well, my parents wanted to go have lunch with their friends, but I decided to go and have a BBQ with my friends. So I went to my friend Joe’s house, and some others and I had a nice BBQ. It was awesome. Since I had no cooking talent, I just set the table and the plastic plates and stuff. The BBQ stuff was awesome. He uses real charcoal, which is the best. I also ate some corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, salad, and lots of stuff. I got full. Usually I don’t eat a lot, but it was too good to pass up. Luckily, it wasn’t too wet and rainy. If at all. We had a water balloon fight, and I didn’t get soaked to much, since I’m good at dodging and aiming. Then we went to the mall. Well actually, we went to the mall for awhile, but we got bored (we weren’t exactly there to buy anything, just bored), and we went our seperate ways.

I hung around the mall for awhile, and even saw a friend of mine, Christine. She plays volleyball, and stuff. She’s nice. I was just walking around the food court, looking for something good to eat, and she said hi to me. I was kind of tongue-tied for a moment, but I said hi. It’s been a long time. She was there with some other people, I think, so I just said a quick hi, exchanged a few words, and went on. It was good to meet up with someone else for once. I barely see any friends from school. So I just walked around the whole mall for a long time. Then I saw her waiting in line to get cookies. She wasn’t with anyone, and I chatted with her a bit. I even got her to add me as a friend on Facebook. It was a good day. So then I went off again, and eventually again, I see her and her friends (I didn’t really notice her friends/neighbor at all) and she waves hi to me again. That’s good. She was nice to me last year, and it wasn’t surprising or anything. It’s just been a long time since I’ve seen a friend. Usually, I only hang out with the other guys from the studio. Just because we’re such great buds and all.

Well anyways, my parents picked me up, I went home. We picked up fireworks on the way (I didn’t care too much about fireworks, my bros were though), and we got home. My brother, Alan, being the impatient type, wanted to blast them off right away. It was like still 6:45 (not dark yet), and he wanted to blast them off. My parents were too tired, and they eventually went out at 8:00. I wasn’t too interested, but I did come out to see the last few mintues. There were a bunch of kids over. On the street. To come see us blow our fireworks. It was pretty neat.

Well, that’s about it. I’ve recently started trying Facebook and Wallop. They’re pretty neat.


2 responses to “I had a pretty good 4th of July

  1. @Maddy: Hey Maddy. I\’m sorry, I haven\’t see her at all. I live in Houston, TX. I checked your Spaces, and I like the style of the way you did it. I also checked the official website. If I see her, I\’ll give a call. I feel sorry for her family. If you want to add me, go ahead.

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