My 7.7.07 and Live Earth


My 7.7.07 was pretty kind of boring. I didn’t really get lucky. Although, nothing too bad truly happened either. It was just another day. Although I did see the Live Earth concert on NBC, CNBC, and on MSN, and now that was awesome.

I was truly amazed at the Live Earth concert. For the most part, it was awesome. Great acts, promoting green, and nice easy green tips for us lazy people. I loved it. The venues also looked good themselves, and I heard many concert attenders liked it. MSN also did a great job on providing the content on the internet. I liked the Video On Demand thing they did. Browse by event, then singer/song. Pretty good. The content was also better than Saturday night, where it was still kind of sucky. It even got over 600 Diggs on Digg. And usually Digg users hate Microsoft. So that’s really something.

But there’s one thing that keeps nagging some people about Live Earth, and I’m tired of it. Some complainers keep saying that it wasn’t green enough. That stars flying on jets and stretch limos was bad. The concerts itself, all over the world would release lots of CO2. Al Gore being a heavy promoter at the event (that, I can understand). That type of stuff.

Here’s what I have to say: People fly on jets all the time. So a rock star can’t? Plus, I think they used hybrids to drive in. I saw a picture of a Live Earth VIP hybrid. Concerts generally release lots of CO2 all the time. At least they’re promoting green. Although, I wasn’t a big fan of Al Gore coming up there. That was my only downer.

So hopefully they’ll have one next year. And that MSN is the content provider again. I might actually attend one. It would be neat.


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