I saw “Live Free or Die Hard” – It was awesome!


Last Sunday, I saw the movie, and it was awesome. It was real great compared to most movies I’ve seen. It was so action packed and had a really good plot.

BEWARE: SPOILERS (If you haven’t watched it)

It’s all about some hackers in the FBI who are out to destroy the U.S.. The lead man, Gabriel, wants revenge on the U.S., because they wouldn’t take his idea for adopting his idea of a more secure system in government agencies, after 9/11. So now he’s hacking everything and setting a fire sale. First he destroys transportation  (crashing system around Metros/trains/buses around many cities), then banks go crazy, and then they start killing local utilities.

And it’s up to John McClane (the tough, old, NYPD cop) and Farrel (the smart hacker boy) to save the U.S.

It’s a pretty much great movie. I usually don’t give this, but I definitely think it earn 5 STARS. It was so good. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a real good movie. Great movie. I definitely recommend it.


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