New Live Spaces updates

The new Live Spaces update seems kind of interesting. It does ‘look’ better, but it’s also kind of slow a bit. They also got rid of the breadcrumb navigation. I guess it’s pretty good, but slow.

The homepage (when you don’t sign in), is still so ugly though. I really wished they would fix that. Another blogger posted a Live Spaces wishlist thing, and I thought it was kind of interesting. Here’s his post:!1CA34B674D84900!224.entry

He hits the right spots on many things. Maybe the Live Spaces team will listen to it. Hopefully. Anyways, my Live Spaces got the new update. Other bloggers are still waiting for it.


2 responses to “New Live Spaces updates

  1. thankx you for the nice comment you left on my space! What do you mean its a boring blog? Its interesting to me! :)~*Jewel*

  2. @*Jewel*: Thanks for visiting. It\’s nice of you to come here and comment. I call this blog boring, because I often don\’t have much to say. Although I\’m improving. I\’m still referring it as boring, just because I\’ve always stuck with it. Thanks for the comment.

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