I’m moving to the new house before August

Sigh. We’re finally moving. The house seems finished. The exterior is done, and the interior is just about finished.

I’m kinda disappointed though. The house didn’t exactly look like the model house I visited (it never does). There’s no porch, which is something I wanted, and saw. There’s no windows on the side of the front door, nor is there an eyehole. So it’s hard to tell who’s behind the door, which is kinda scary. And there’s a bunch of other little things that I’m disappointed in.

I still haven’t seen any people my age living around there yet.

I’ll post picture of it soon. I’ve already packed my books.


4 responses to “I’m moving to the new house before August

  1. Thanks for stopping by my space and leaving such a nice comment.  I\’m not sure if I\’m very good at the blogging thing but I have a ton of fun with it. 
    Congrats on the new house.  Glad the books are packed, the most important part.  I would be lost without my books.  Take care!  -T 

  2. Hey quik boy. How\’s it going? You\’re moving? Really? Well I hope the move goes good and all. Maybe it\’s like a whole new start. Well good luck. I\’ll IM you later. 

  3. Wow. You\’re moving? I hope it\’s a real nice house. You should really hope it\’s the best. No need to think the worst. Good luck. 

  4. @Tysley: You\’re welcome. Thanks for the comment.
    @Sammy: I\’m fine. Thanks for checking.
    @Michael: Yep, we\’re moving. I guess I don\’t mind that much. Thanks for commenting. 

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