I’m not liking the new house and it’s going to be tough

Ugh. The new house is great and all. Much bigger than our old house, and looks real nice. But there’s some stuff that I’m not liking.

My parents won’t allow me and my brother to paint our rooms. I want green, he wants blue. Dad says no. Too much more money, work, and it will lower the value of the house. He says he already picked the house’s wall color (beige) and we’re keeping it that way. Painting my room green wouldn’t fit, and if we tried to sell it, it would lower the value and whatnot. Plus we’re just barely well-off. Painting would cost too much of our money and time.

I’ve always wanted my current room to be green, but that was always a no. So I was hoping before we moved in, my new room would be green, but it won’t. It kind of made me real sad. I really wanted it green. Really. It would have made me so happy. Oh well.

There’s other stuff too. The model home I visited, and the house we got is kind of different than I wanted. The model home was the preview home, and it showed off what our house would look like, and it was furnished with furniture too. It looked real nice.

Sadly some of the nice stuff didn’t come with our house. The nice porch I saw didn’t make it. The windows near the front door, and even the keyhole are missing. So it’s hard to tell who’s at the door (yet again). And other little stuff.

There were also house features that I wanted. We have some bay windows, or at least a nook near the windows you can sit on and look out. For some reason, they didn’t consider adding storage under there. No shelves or anything. It just sits there unused. I really wanted the light switches that were flat, broad and smooth like. The bigger ones. Not the light switches that are smaller, and flicks/sticks out. The bigger broader ones are much more nicer to turn and flick on than the old fashioned one. Small design thing, but still important.

I also have a wood fan (or dark wood-like look) against my beige ceiling, and it kind of clashes. Kind of ugly to look up. Dark wood against beige is kind of disgusting. They also included a conventional oven/stove with the house. I was hoping for a more faster, safer, and efficient induction cooktop, rather than the old fashioned way. At least a Microwave/oven combo – where the Microwave is right above the oven unit – would have been nice.

An Energy Star certified home would have been better too. They waste less energy, and in the end, lower down our utility bills. Sadly, it’s not more wide-used.

And we have ceramic tile floors in some areas, like the entrance and the kitchen/breakfast nook. I wanted wood, or a wood-like flooring. Feels much better than walking on ceramic tiles.

I know I’m being fussy, over a new house, but I kind of wanted it to be perfect, or at least as good as it can be. This house costs a lot of money, and it’s not worth it if it’s poor in some areas, and doesn’t seem to be that great. The money could have been spent on vacations, or college tuition, or whatnot. Instead of a house that didn’t seem worth it or pleasing.

I’m grateful for a newer and bigger house, but I still wanted it to be better. I guess I’ll have to live with it.


One response to “I’m not liking the new house and it’s going to be tough

  1. Hey, as long as you have a new house, you ought to be happy right? But I agree, sometimes we just want to wait for the better.
    Good luck, to you moving in. 

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