My trip to Schlitterbahn Galveston

It was awesome! Like really cool. I’ve been to Splashtown (another waterpark in NW Houston), and Schlitterbahn rocks way more better. My dad, my 2 bros, and I went there last Saturday (yes, I know it’s been like 6 days already), because there was like a company picnic there.

It was a boring ride. But when I got there, there was excitement in the air. It was really interesting. There were slides, water, crowds, tubes, all your waterpark stuff. It was fantastic. First, we went off to find the white tent pavillion they set-up for the company picnic. The area under it was huge. Lots of employees have already set their stuff down. They would serve food later. But for now, it was fun time!

I went off alone, first meandering around the park, looking for what I could do. There were cool ride, water playgrounds, I don’t know how to say it all, but there was a lot. I’m not much of a super slide person by the way. There were lots of hot people out there. Or that I thought I could see.

So I decided to hit the Torrent River. It’s one of those float-on-a-tube river rides. The tubes were free – you just had to find one. I really liked it. It went around this whole roofed complex (although there was this branch-off section to take a route outside) and it was pretty neat. Especially when you get towards the end. Mini tidal waves start crashing around, and it sends the tubes up high and low. It was really fun. I stuck for at least 2-3 more rides. Then I went for lunch.

Lunch was ok. Your typical company picnic foods. I just got some hotdogs and lemonade. The lemonade was especially good. I only ate one hot dog, the other seemed undercooked. Compared to the other company picnic I went to, this one had some not so good food. Well I went off to go again.

So I did some people-watching, and some ride watching. There was this neat attraction called the Boogie Bahn. People of all ages rode on this boogie board, over some machine generated waves, in this ocean like environment kind of thing. It was pretty cool. Lots of people fell off in a few seconds, and had to leave. Once you end at the bottom, or wiped out to the top, you have to leave. It was pretty cool. It amazed me that some kids were able to stay very longer than most people.

Then I went pack to the pavillion, and I took my 5 year old bro with me. My 10 year old bro is a real brat. He wanted to go to the beach, first thing, but we had to keep on insisting that this was more important first. Then the beach. But nope, he was real whiny. Just sat there the whole time it seemed, and didn’t really leave the company pavillion. Whatever. My 5 year old bro is much more cooler – sometimes.

I took him to some little water playgrounds. I brought a camera and took a lot of pictures – of the area. Not really pictures of him. It was cool. He had a lot of fun. Although he kept giggling a lot and said – I can’t swim! I can’t swim! – In one of those cute 5 year old ways.

Well all things come to an end of course. My 10 year old bro was so whiny, that we had to go home. Dad couldn’t take any more of that. I was kinda angry of course, because it’s not like we’ll be ever hitting this place again. It’s pretty far away from NW Houston. Although it is surprisingly opened during the winter, at least the indoor part. But we left. My dad asked if still wanted to go to the beach, but my brother still stubborn from not going in the morning refused. I had a bunch of old yucky cereal ready to toss at the pigeons, but I assumed we weren’t going, so I tossed it out into the trash can, before we left the parking lot. Rats. So I had to say no too. Besides, the beach isn’t that fun as a waterpark. I think.

I also got a little sunburn on my pectorals. I already knew that while I was there, because my 10 bro pointed the red spot out.

Well anyways, it was an overall fun trip. I hope we might get to go there during winter. It might be tons of fun. Check out the pics.



You can check out my photo album too. It’s pretty neat.


3 responses to “My trip to Schlitterbahn Galveston

  1. Sounds awesome. I really wish I could have gone there too – it seems like fun. Hope you had a great time. Thanks for visiting my blog a lot. I appreciate the comments. 

  2. Wow! That\’s Schlitterbahn! I saw it on the Travel Channel too. But I thought it was like in New Braunfels or something? Anyways, sounds cool. I would have loved to gone there too.
    We don\’t really have a waterpark in Santa Martina. You have to at least go all the way to Santa Luisa to find a waterpark. Lucky you. 

  3. @Michael: Your blog is awesome dude. You must have many visitors. Thanks.
    @Sammy Keyes: Schlitterbahn has 3 water parks in Texas – New Braunfels, South Padre, and Galveston. Check out their site. Do a web search and find it. Thanks for commenting. 

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