JVHS – So not prepared for school

There’s only 12 days before school – which for most schools in Texas, including mine, starts on August 27, on a Monday.

When I’m talking about being unprepared, I’m talking about the school and pretty much everyone that goes there. The school just recently sent a 3 page letter to me.

What was in there was pretty much worthless. The first page talks about Project Prom 08′. Which in mind mind is dumb. I mean we’re starting a whole new year, and the first letter is about asking for volunteers to help for Project Prom? Dumb! Also considering that I’m a sophomore this year, they should check to who mail their letter to next time. Especially when it’s address to "Dear Senior Parent:". Just plain dumb.

The 2nd letter is somewhat useful. It talks about what to expect the first few days, kind of.

"We have found that we are able to distribute textbooks, lockers, emergency cards, schedules, … through our home rooms the first few days of school. Parking is the only exception." – 2nd letter, JVHS News July 2007.

All I can say is, "Wow". Another beginning of the school year with chaos and mass confusion. I don’t understand why they would bother waiting until the first few days of school to post out the info. students need. So on the first day of school, I’ll walk in unprepared, looking around for which line to gather my info, glance around maps for room locations, schedule conflicts, chat with old friends who I haven’t seen this summer, and a bazillion other things before the bell rings. Oh yeah. I can see how that works so much better than telling us RIGHT NOW.

And later, the next few days, the teachers will tell us what supplies we need to bring and get, and so it’s already school, and we have to go to the stores (maybe again) to rummage through bins and shelves to find something decent to get. And considering that we don’t know who our teachers are until the first day of school, teachers won’t send us letter ahead of time (in the summer) to tell us what to know and expect, and to get. If you ask me, that’s just being unprepared. The school that is.

Great, the first week(s) of school will just be a clutter. Thank you JVHS. As much as I love the school, the management team seriously needs to get revamped.

The next bit of news isn’t better  – "SENIORS ONLY may come to JVHS for parking permits…". I don’t drive yet or anything, but I find that unfair. The school (or maybe the district) has some stance on giving the seniors like practically everything first. I can see that seniors are in their last year and everything, but hindering the other students for the good of the seniors? That’s just so cruel.

Then the next 2 paragraphs talk about the stupid rules, like music devices and cellphones not allowed to be ‘seen’ on campus during hours. And about wearing proper clothes.

Oh, and the 3rd letter is just about paying dumb fees for your Senior Prom and other Senior end-of-the-year stuff. Boring. Such a hassle.

So as you see, the system the school follows is pretty flawed, and is an obvious disadvantage to everybody. Well except the seniors of course.


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