My new room is green!

Yes! My aunt persuaded my parents to allow me to paint my room. And now it’s green!

It was last Sunday. Another boring day. My dad took my brothers and I to get a haircut, and when we returned home, my aunt was there. She greeted us, and my bros and I greeted her. We talked. Mainly she told us to be careful in the new house, and not mess it up – like my house right now.

I had to point my finger a lot at my brother – he’s the one that messes it up so much.

Then she said that maybe we should start picking paint colors for our rooms. I was really excited, but I remembered what my parents said about it. I asked is she sure they’re ok with it? She called my mom in the dining room and said fine. Great. She’s ok.

I guess my dad said yes too, because the next thing I knew, we were heading to Home Depot.

We went to the paint section and we took a look. My aunt said that she was a pro at paint colors or design or whatever, and she was helping us pick them. I wanted a green, my 10 year old bro, Alan wanted a blue. So we spent like almost half an hour deciding what paint we wanted.

I was just interested in any green that wasn’t too bright (too girly if it’s too light green), or one that wasn’t too dark (like a gunky disgusting green). In the end I picked on that’s like somewhere between a mix of a medium green, lighter shade of green close to medium green, and a darker shade of green that looked more closer to medium green than dark green. I know – confusing. But that’s how it looked like to me. I never had any idea on how many green pigment/hue-like colors there were. My aunt was asking if I wanted this one, and I said, "OK" and the next moment she’s suggesting one just a shade lighter or darker, and I say, "OK". Really. There’s just too many cool greens to pick from.

It didn’t take me much longer, but I finally decided on a green called "Boston Fern" from Behr. It looked pretty cool to me. I could already picture it in my room.

However, Alan took a really long time with his. He wanted this blue called Rivera blue (he pronounced it as Riveria blue). My aunt kept on insisting that it was too blue to go into a bedroom. That it would make your eyes really dizzy when looking around. I could see what she meant. So they kept discussing about it, but my aunt just gave in. We were more interested in just getting the rooms painted today. It was already about 1:30 already. And we were looking for my mom.

We finally got to the new house pretty much half an hour later. We got to work.

My aunt, my bro, and I worked on fixing up my bedroom first. We put blue masking tape around the floor crown molding, windows, outlets, light switches, and the door. I had no idea it would take so long to do it. My aunt commented that was the hardest and tedious thing on a paint job – the taping, not the painting. I agreed. After all we didn’t want paint to get on it.

My mom suggested that we leave one wall blank – so that the room wouldn’t feel like being trapped in a box. With one wall left white, it would feel like you weren’t trapped in a box. I was doubtful on that though, I preferred my room to be all solid. But my aunt suggested we at least try 3 walls first, and if it needed to, we’ll paint the 4th wall. I was ok with that.

So it took us a pretty long time to paint. My aunt would brush the wall with this sponge-like hand brush, and I would hold the tray of paint up for her. My brother at first just chitter-chattered and was annoying. Later his job was just to wipe up any paint drops hitting the tarps – so that it didn’t get stepped on and onto the carpet or anything.

It was like already past 8 PM when we were finished. Hard work, but I loved my room. It was so cool looking. I was really happy that we got to paint my room. Real happy. We’re going to down Alan’s room this Saturday, since my aunt has work, and there was no more time for painting another room. Athena and Alex (younger cousins) came and were impressed. They’re jealous that there rooms aren’t painted, and their mom is giving it some consideration (they were young of course when their parents bought their newish house). Although I don’t know if she said it to make them happy, or really considering it. I hope she does. Kids should have painted rooms.

Well anyways, that’s how it was. I took a picture of the green paint sample card. The first photo was taken with flash (to show the color better) and the other 2 are non-flash. The color I picked, Boston Fern, is the 2nd from the top.



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