I saw Lucy! The fossil!

I saw the Lucy fossil exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science today. It was really neat.

As a native Houstonian, I of course, had to take a peek at Lucy.

If you don’t know, Lucy is that fossil from in Ethiopia. The controversy over whether Lucy should be left in Ethiopia so that her remains will not be ruined, or if the public has the right to see her.

In my opinion, I think (and expect) museums who are borrowing fossils and other artifacts to be quite careful and understand the fragility of them. So I doubt Lucy is just going to smashed apart so easy.

And the public deserves to see something of evolution or science or whatever. Whether you believe in it or not, the exhibit is there to show something.

Well anyways, I couldn’t take any pictures of Lucy, because the museum staff worries about flash photography (which I NEVER use flash) will expose a lot of light on the artifacts, and make them decay a lot faster. Or something like that. But I took a couple pictures and videos around the museum and the park.

I’ll post them tomorrow, and give a full review of my trip. If I have time tomorrow, which I’ll make time tomorrow.


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