Homecoming 07′ – JVHS

Wow. A lot has happened since I’ve last blogged.

So homecoming has come by. We’ve had a whole week of Homecoming celebrations. Here’s how the week went by:

Monday : Crazy Hair day

Tuesday : Cowboy hat day

Wednesday : Crazy hair day

Thursday : Mix-match day

Friday : Purple Out day (school color)

So yeah. That’s pretty much the fun days.

On Wednesday, 9/26/07, we had a homecoming parade. It was pretty ok. I was expecting more spectators though. The floats were pretty nice, for a high school, and it was kind of fun. I took a lot of videos around the preparation work. As the parade went on, for a few blocks around JVHS, the people on the floats tossed out candy. Lots of candy. Lots landed on the ground. If it were me, I wouldn’t bother picking up the candy lying all over the ground, it just seemed disgusting. But nope. Kids and even grown-ups went around, looking for some good candy to eat.

The parade ended near the football area behind the school, and there was some more spirit stuff going on, like dance routines from the cheerleads and Gold Dusters, and we got to see who are really the candidates for Homecoming King and Queen.

I made a quik (and horrible) video of the highlights and uploaded them on YouTube and Soapbox.

Unfortunately, Soapbox has become awful lately, so I only have a YouTube version:

I’ll give an update post to the Homecoming Dance later. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to the Game itself. But we did win 42-10! We didn’t win last year, so this was great.


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