Columbus Day off

Well, I have Columbus Day off.

Nothing much else is going on. School is getting slightly better. I’m trying harder than ever to be #1.

PSAT’s come on Oct. 17th. CFISD is really cool, in that the school district is going to pay for the students to take the test, and it’s going to be during school. That’s really awesome how CFISD is really going to pay for our test-taking. Now students can take a look at what the SAT’s will be like, and truly have something they can grasp, kind of.

So free PSAT’s, and during a school day are awesome!

I still have feelings for this girl. Elizabeth is awesome. It’s like she can do anything. She’s really pretty, and really smart, and really nice. She has it all.

I don’t think I’m good enough for her though. But I plan on telling her next week, of my feelings about her. However, I’m not interested in a real relationship. I’ve always been a loner, and I’m not into dating, or anything like that. I’m just really loose about things. A relationship would hinder my freedom.

So that’s about it for now.


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