Perfect Day for once!

Well not exactly perfect, but very good.

Here’s how my day went (don’t read if you’re not interested):

Morning : Woke up on time. Made it on the bus. Also very cool, and nice outside – far from the usual heat & humidity in Houston.

1st period : Finished reading the play "Antigone". Medium-level homework.

2nd period : Our class’s first aerobics video. Half the class spent on figuring out how to set-up the DVD thing. Embarassing movement of the body made by me (not fast enough, not "sticking my butt out" and that stuff). It was ok though.

3rd period : Homework wasn’t due for a grade : easy quiz, and a quick past tense verb review. A lot of homework.

4th period : Got a lot of PSAT questions answered in advisory. Went around testing people. Got more answers during lunch. Alg. II class was easy – learning 2 super-easy new functions, and working in groups on 6 questions

5th period : Finishing up group Religion projects – mines was the last to go, and I read my section loud and clear. People didn’t ask me to repeat anything as they were filling in the blanks on their own sheet. Not much else.

6th period – Test grades back – I got a 95! Yay! Chemistry is my lowest class right now, and a 95 really helps. Then, we actually did something fun today – we got around and organized sets of cards, by things like color, numbers, shapes, etc. Quite fun trying to find patterns and orders in things. All a preclude to the section on how elements are organized.

Well anyways, it was a pretty wonderful day. WELL, except for the fact, that this blog post won’t make it again for awhile. For some stupid reason, the internet and phone are down. Meaning I’m going to have a ton of catch-up, even if it’s the next day it comes back. Sigh.

So to clarify any confusion, this post was written on October 11, 2007. 10/11/07


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