PSAT’s coming up on Oct. 17

Man am I worried. The PSAT is coming up in 2 days.

English is the hardest section for me, based on the practice booklets. It’s the vocab words, and comprehending the passages, questions, and even the answers. It’s way too complex.

Math is pretty easy. I know most of it, but there are a few tricky word problems. Usually involving knowing some tricky equations or patterns to get through it.

I got a ton of work to do with that. I know it’s a "practice" SAT, but I’m still worried. This will provide me a real look at the test.

Plus, I really want to get into JV Scholars, some little organization where it helps you prepare for the real SAT, and you have to hit a certain grade. It’s pretty low, for the requirements, but I’m still worried.

Luckily, the PSAT is free, and during half the school day in CFISD. Pretty nice.

So I’m really worried.


One response to “PSAT’s coming up on Oct. 17

  1. Don\’t worry. They shouldn\’t be that hard. Don\’t panic, and you\’ll do fine.
    It\’s just a practice – to get a feel of the real SAT. Not saying that you should be all lax, but don\’t kill yourself on it. Worrying won\’t help.
    Be patient, study a little, and you\’ll be ok.

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