Night the Light was fun

Night the Light was awesome.

It’s a walk for Leukemia, where as many participants that do the walk, the amount of money from rich companies goes into helping Leukemia patients and research.

I was a volunteer there. As part of JVHS Interact.

I moved some tables, helped with putting together balloons, directing traffic, and picking up a little litter.

It was in the Galleria at this place:

Map image

2000 Post Oak Blvd., Houston, TX.

It was kind of like a plaza between 3 buildings.

Well there was food, and music. The food was ok, your usual selection of free burgers and hotdogs. Although I was really hungry, and the burgers weren’t really bad. I kind of liked them. And a free bag of chips. They didn’t offer any sodas around though, but there lots of ice coolers with water bottles in them. They were free also, which was really nice. The food came from Tommy’s Grill, right under one of the buildings near the plaza.

The music was neat. It was done by this cool band called "The Lost Boys Band" or something like that. They played a lot 80’s music, and some contemporary ones. It was pretty neat. I never heard 80’s music that close, but I kind of like it. There’s a whole lot of soul in it. The way they played was so lively. Maybe I need to get out more often, but it was so cool.

And of course, with "Light" the Night, there had to be lights. There were some cool light-up balloons that were blown up. But we had a tough time distributing the color people wanted most : red.

The whole theme was red and white btw. As well, there were glow-in-the-dark bracelets Perry Homes gave out for free.

And the Galleria looks awesome during the sunset. I took some pictures, and maybe I’ll update them on Spaces soon.

So that’s how it was. I might post videos and pictures of it soon.


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