IOWA Test – the most dumbest test in Texas

Seems like all sophomores as JVHS will be taking the IOWA test. Funny, considering that we live in Houston, TX.

It’s a first for this school. None of the the other juniors and seniors have ever taken the IOWA test before. Lucky them.

At least we sophomores don’t have to worry about the TAKS field test, if I can remember what they even were. The IOWA test will replace that.

I despise all standardized testing. It’s just too depressing, a worrisome burden for many students and teachers, and too much curriculum is spent on reviewing for these tests rather than learning something for real.

Well, the details of an IOWA test are very vague, but it’s suppose to test your skills in the 4 core subjects – math, english, science, and history.

It’s timed. It’s long – only 4th period break just for lunch and a quik class.

That’s all I know. I hope it isn’t hard. It’s not PSAT hard, my English teacher said.

So I just hope it’s good. IOWA test is such a dumb thing.


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