IOWA test was tough!

I’m sure how to describe how tough, but it was just as hard as the PSAT, to me.

There’s a ton of sections. The first 4 sections of the test have to do with English itself!

Let me think, here they are:

  1. Reading
  2. Spelling
  3. Writing usage (grammar)
  4. ? – forgot this one. It had to do with a kind of mix of all three or something. It was the first section

The question were rather dumb as usual, with twisty answers to choose from. Usually I’m good at spelling, but this had me worried.

Was it laboratory or labratory? (thankfully I thought labratory was misspelled)

What’s the difference between prosecute and persecute?

Was belligerent hostile or insincere? (got this one wrong)

And all that plus more.

Then there was the Science section. Ugh.

Most of this section revolved around showing this one experiment, and had 6-8 questions about it.

Some of the answers were hard to sift through. Rats.

Then we had 4th period (where my class practically did nothing) and lunch, advisory, and all that.

After that, it was back to testing.

The first math section was as easy as pie.

The 2nd one, called "Computations" involved doing math directly. Like 2 + 2. Straight-forward numeral problems.

You couldn’t use a calculator but you did have scratch paper. I got a lot done, to where I was pretty certain it was right, but others I wasn’t even sure about! I ended up guessing those questions (you don’t lose points on this test – only gain points!). It was timed on each section as well.

Then there was social studies. Another dumb set of questions. Some of these questions had me going – but all these answers sound exactly the same?

Man do I hate the IOWA test. It obviously has little to do with Texas curriculum.

I think this was even harder than the TAKS! At least the TAKS test didn’t last forever, was much easier, and there was no time limit.

But the IOWA test, does look visually better and organized.

Well that’s how my day went. At least I have little homework : )


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