Halloween is awesome! Got all A’s on my progress report

Halloween is rather boring this year.

All the teens that I know, aren’t really interested in Halloween it seems. From what I’ve asked around, most people aren’t doing anything on Halloween.Not because of religious reasons, but just because nobody feels like it.

Like only probably 1/10 people in my HS, are actually going to do something Halloween-related.

I heard a lot of people are going to see some flicks, mainly horror ones of course.

I got all A’s on my progress report. Here’s my grades:

  • English II – 91
  • Aerobic Activities – 100
  • Spanish III – 98
  • Algebra II – 94
  • World History – 94
  • Chemistry – 94

Surprisingly, my last 3 grades are 94’s.

Well that’s what’s been going on lately.

I handed out dum-dum pops this Halloween. The neighborhood is still new, so there wasn’t much activity, I think.

I’m also quite sure that several people did a 2nd trip to my door. I’m not sure. I didn’t pay attention to what people were wearing or anything. This neighborhood is rather boring for Halloween.

So that’s about it so far.


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