I had an awesome Thanksgiving


This was actually, an awesome Thanksgiving this year. I had it at my aunt’s and uncle’s house this year.

At my house, this morning, my mom and sister were making the food. We had a turkey in the oven, ham sitting on the counter, my sister mashing potatoes, and a lot of other things going on. I kind of helped with the potato mashing. Kind of. It was really delicious. I use make my potatoes different, but my sister’s potatoes are more smooth-like and tasty.

Oh, and there was a delicious apple pie on the counter.

Then we took that all to my aunt’s and uncle’s house. I played with my cousins. We ate. I ate a lot of mashed potatoes (my fave), peas & carrots, corn, turkey, and a little ham.

My other aunt brought this delicious raspberry chocolate cake from La Madeline. It’s like one of the best cakes I’ve ever tasted. I also had slices of apple pie of course.

Then I played with my cousins and brothers upstairs. I took a look at Alex’s (alexandra’s) new laptop. It was pretty neat. Fast and quick. Too bad she plopped a DVD in there, and it got stuck within the laptop. NOT good.

Then I went home and relaxed.

That’s pretty much all that’s happened. Have an awesome Thanksgiving break.


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