December’s here! My favorite time of the year.

Yes! December’s here. I love December.

Why? There’s many reasons:

  • It’s winter! – I love the winter. It’s cold (better than humid-hot Houston). It sometimes snows (which I don’t see often). Winter is cheerful. Winter rocks.
  • Tons of holidays – you’ve got Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and even several birthdays (inc. MINE!). December is the month for holidays.
  • The dark days – I like darker days. I really don’t like the sun, so cloudy days are a good thing for me.
  • Shopping season – Tons of great deals and stuff.
  • It’s the last month before the end of the year – time to reminisce, reflect, and celebrate!
  • Happy mood – for the most part, December is practically the most joyful month of the year. Lights, gifts, holidays, breaks, lots of happiness floats in the air.

So you can see why I love December.

Well, first let me finish off what I did over Thanksgiving break. I had 2 dinners, one on Thursday, and one on Sunday. The Thursday was more of a formal Thanksgiving, and it was awesome. I seriously think it was the best ever. And usually, Thanksgiving is pretty passive to me. The turkey was great, mashed potatoes was the best, and all the other little stuff. The apple pie was awesome, even if store bought, and the chocolate-raspberry cake from La Madeleine, was so delicious.

The one on Sunday was ok. More like friends and distant relatives than anything. I didn’t really eat though. I just spent time on my own.

I also saw a movie on the Saturday before, called "August Rush". Now it’s not a movie everyone sees (most people I knew were seeing "Hitman"), but I thought it was pretty good. It was kind of a bit weird in the beginning, but at least the middle and ending were more interesting. I really liked the musical stuff in the movie. It was more like a play on sounds, than anything. But it was cool. Of course, the whole movie isn’t realistic at all (like a boy finding his family together by the power of music?) but it’s neat in the sense of how anything can be possible. I’d give it 4/5 stars.

So now fast-forward to now.

My birthday is on December 6th, if you didn’t already know.

Usually, I’m pretty quiet about my birthday to others, but I’ve been more loose lately, and I’m reminding people to at least acknowledge that.

I’m going to be turning 16.

I don’t expect anything special, but some gifts would be nice.

So far, school’s ok, but it could be better.

That’s about it for now. Wish I could update more faster.


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