Today’s my 16th Birthday!

Yes, today’s my 16th birthday. And it’s been a pretty great one.

If I hadn’t already mentioned this, I’ve been reminding people all week of today. I quizzed people to make sure they remember, even doing a trick test to double check, like asking "What’s today?", with a big smile on my face, the day BEFORE my b-day, to double check. Not surprisingly, a few people actually thought it was my b-day, when it wasn’t. So yeah, I’ve been at it all week.

Well, today’s the day. It finally came.

16 doesn’t feel any different. Really. I got to school and throughout the whole day, people have been giving me birthday wishes, and it really made me feel special inside, like every day, that I’m somebody.

So what did I receive? Well:

  • A card/letter from this girl named Courtney
  • A cool "How do they do that" book from Ross Fly. (it was even wrapped!) He knows I like asking questions. šŸ˜›
  • A marker drawing from this girl named Kiley
  • A box of Double Bubble gum from Eric Sonne
  • A bag of tropical Skittles from my algebra II teacher, Mrs. Fitz.
  • A bucket of handmade cookies (snickerdoodles & sugar) from Katherine Humphreys.
  • Another marker color doodle from Kelcie Tisher
  • A mini Astros baseball bat from Steven Grant and Megan.

That’s about it. I was promised cookies by Christine Weber, but she forgot. Which is ok, but she at least remembered it’s my b-day. That’s the most important thing to me, remembering to say Happy Birthday to me.

Then I came home and had pizza from Pizza Hut.

I’m hoping to go to iT’Z for my b-day. Maybe on the weekend. I could go to Jillian’s or D&B’s, but I think it’s more for the older teen group, and 20’s.

Well, it doesn’t look like I’m eating out tonight. But who knows? I’ll post pictures of all the stuff I got from my friends later.


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