Went to Hobby Airport and went to Java Juice bake sale

I did a couple of things today.

Well, first, I woke up late, and was supposed to meet at JVHS for a ride to the airport. So I found the quickest directions from Live Maps, and was on my way.

Sad thing was, was that nobody from JVHS was there when I showed up. I guess there weren’t enough people, so they called it quits. That long drive was for nothing!

But I thought I should at least deserve some hours, or credit, so I got one of the sweaters, took a picture from my cellphone to prove I was there. It might work.

I also had to go somewhere else today. There was this bake sale for Interact, and it was pretty fun.

Well, I had to find a ride first, and my grandfather took me half an hour late, but it wasn’t that important. I at least got there.

The bake sale was to help make some money for MD research (muscular dystrophy). Business was slow at first. I went out and held up a poster to attract people to the bake sale at Java Juice. Natalie and I got several honks. We weren’t sure if it was from people who knew us, or random people. We stood there for an hour, and then went back.

This other girl who was also out holding a poster got shot by a paintball. A pink one around her knees. That was rather shocking.

So I took a long break, ‘sampled’ a few things, and had some fun. I also bought a smooth juice, called "Pink Passion", which I think was suppose to contain strawberry , pomegranate, and mixed berries. I thought it was good. Then Robert Valle took me and Stephanie over to Krogers to hold up a poster there. I chatted with this Houston Chronicle newspaper boy about business. It was rather interesting. He gets paid $50-$60 every day, and all he pretty much has to do is wait and hope for somebody to come buy and get a paper. I saw him snacking on Cheetos, and sipping some Sprite. He told me about some of other newspaper boys, things he saw like shoplifters, sexual love between gays and lesbians in the parking lot, seeing two Siamese twins on a date (wow!), and other cool tidbits. Sounds like an easy job to me.

Then I got back, and the bake sale had sold some more food. Our goal was to get a profit of $100+.

So I took another break, and had some more fun. I went around and asked some questions. Sampled some more, and chit-chatted.

I took home several cupcakes, ones that were chocolate, with white frosting, and crystal green sprinkles. They were my favorite. It tasted very good, and looked very simple. I liked it! Though some of the members thought I was a pig, for taking a lot home, but I didn’t think all that food should go to waste 🙂

So it was a pretty fun day, though sadly, I forgot to bring my camera. Oh well. This was an awesome day. I never get to go out often.


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