Great holiday party, bad PSAT scores, and 12 days until Christmas!

Sorry for not posting more often. I wish I had more time.

So today, I had a holiday party at my Environmental Club. Well, I supplied most of the food. I brought a 2L Coke and 7UP. And a big bag of Cheetos Puffs and a small bag of hot-chili Fritos. Eric Sonne brought homemade cookies, and somebody else bought Chips Ahoy cookies, but I don’t remember who.

Well there were some messes, and everybody gobbled all the food up. but it was fun. I also learned a lot of new stuff.

I got back my PSAT scores. Sigh. I got a 149/240. AARGH!!!

That’s AWFUL. To me it is. There’s this National Merits Scholar program at JVHS called "Scholars" (I think), and I so wanted to be in it. But there’s this special cut-off score at 154. I was just 5 points away. UGH. I was really hoping to go in the program. But now my hopes are lost. I’m just not good enough. That really put me down today. And it’s not fair that some people who did make it, are just going to toss away their invites that they’ll receive. When people like me need it the most.

I don’t understand why they don’t help train people who actually NEED the program. If you do very well on the PSAT, why do they need more help and practice than the rest of us? It’s not fair. Or how about the people that actually WANT to join the program? I don’t mind paying some money to be in it, it’s not like you don’t pay $100 or something to be in it in the first place. I don’t feel confident about big standardized tests, and these programs are VERY important to me. Limiting people right at the line seems very mean to me.

My teacher said that you could join the district’s summer program like Scholars, and maybe, just maybe, you could move on to the real Scholars program. But rules might have changed like they always do, so I don’t feel any more happier.

Well, there’s 12 days until Christmas, and I can’t wait. Well actually, I can. I really love December, and I’d hate to see it fly by so fast. I love this time of the year. I do have trouble remembering the 12 days of Christmas song though.

Well that’s about it so far.


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