Good grades on my finals and semester averages!

I should have posted this on Friday, but as usual, I’m always a step behind when I’m supposed to do things on time.

Overall, the finals were really not that hard. Though I couldn’t help but worry on some parts. So here’s my final exam grades in each class:

  • English IIII – 90
  • Government – 96
  • Spanish III – 99
  • Calculus – 85
  • Economics – 97
  • Physics – 92

I was rather shocked by the grade I got in Algerbra II. I kind of expected more. I thought I would do far worse in the Chem. test, and that was a surprise too. So here’s my semester averages:

  • English IIII – 92
  • Government – 99
  • Spanish III – 99
  • Calculus – 92
  • Economics – 95
  • Physics – 91

Luckily, all A’s. I was mainly worried about Chemistry because of my low grade in that class.

Lately I’ve been sick. I’ve been coughing a lot since Tuesday. Then since Friday night and all of Saturday practically, I had this horrible fever. I haven’t been sick for a long time, so it was really awful for me. Most of Saturday, I felt super-tired to do anything. I kept going back to sleep. And I had really strange dreams. Like a holographic mind table, and I know it sounds weird, but I could kind of feel God’s presence, or something as equally religious take hold of me. Like I woke up/slept several times during the day, and I always had a similar dream of something calling to me, and I don’t know, it was just plain scary.

Well I’m feeling slightly better now. Though still lethargic and a couple of coughs in me. That’s it for now. Can’t wait for Christmas!


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