So lately, I’ve been thinking…

Of getting out of AP Physics and Calculus. I mean, it’s already late in the year, but darn it. I’m failing them. Well not failing, but getting low C’s. Dang it.

I mean Mr. B is ok and all, but math isn’t my strong suit. And don’t get me started about my Calc. teach.

I might be getting out next weak possibly. Whatever. I mean, it’s not like my good looks and charms won’t get me to Yale. 🙂

So anyways, I met this awesome girl from the polo team – Claudia W.

Well I didn’t meet her swimming or anything, but I just saw her one day, and I just had to have her. So I’ve been talking to her more lately, and I think we might be getting together soon. But i wish she wouldn’t talk a whole lot over nothing. she brings up some of the most dumbest subject sometimes.

I also saw the movie. It was ok, but I really wish I could have saw the monster better. But I didn’t like how the movie looked like some strung up crappy YouTube vids.

So that’s about it.


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