Small fire at JVHS – Why I’m happy, and why I’m rather angry about it.

Jersey Village High School. 1/24/2007.

There was a small fire in the girls’ bathroom upstairs around 1:00 today.

At first, what seemed to be another quick fire drill, turned out to be practically a 45-minute wait out in the cold.

I was amongst one of those people. Around the back area of the school, near the Falcon statue. I stood along with other students, shivering as we waited for the all-clear to head back inside.

Standing out there, I talked to several friends and especially this one girl. Which I don’t want to go into. I also did an inappropriate act, which I feel very regretful for. I apologized the best I could. I hope I didn’t make her too upset. This is a different girl.

So yes, we were standing out there for like 45 minutes. I wasn’t that cold, because I’m used to tundra climates, but a lot of kids felt the chills.

Students were standing around, wondering (especially those with no coats!) when we could go back in, and if their stuff was ok as a fire truck pulled up.

After 45 minutes, ‘most’ students outside came into the gym. Later, as I found out, other groups of students weren’t allowed to come in out of the cold, because the gym was packed sky high.

Going into the gym was like chaos. People were everywhere. I had never seen that many students in the gym at once. We’ve had pep rallies, but not as crammed as this. It was hard to find people amongst the mess.

So it got settled really fast. Practically all after-school activities were canceled or nullified today. Well except the outdoor sports. I was disappointed, because I brought in a ton of snacks for my club for this awesome video, but had to take them back because of this. And I could have used the extra service hours that I went through!

People who’s 5th period class was on the 1st floor were allowed to leave first. To get our stuff and get the heck out of there.

Teachers and staff stood blocking the staircase entries, to prevent students from going up. Just in case. There was still smoke up there. I went to my History class, got my stuff and went. As I was going near the outer doors to the side of the school, I could see a ruckus going on. It turns out that there were still students out in the cold, as they were waiting for the ok to go back in. The gym was packed so they weren’t allowed in or something like that. But there was argument of people from the gym already being released, and I just went on after that.

And soon after, there was the OK to open up the staircase to the 2nd floor. So I just went up there to take back my snacks.

I could see this big fan blowing fumes away. It’s near around the front hallway of the 2nd floor, along the west side of the school. Like where Howton and Moehring usually are. Doors were open downstairs near the staircase entrance as well.

So I took several videos of the event. None outside unfortunately. I’m going to post them up soon.

As I was leaving school, I noticed a long line of fire trucks, police cars, and other flashing vehicles take up along the entrance of the school. I was pretty astounded by that, and awed. But then I realized that, "Rats! This is a great time to take even more pictures and videos. Videos of major events are rather popular and I missed my opportunity!" So I was rather angry that there was no way turning back. So I had to go home, find someone with a ride (because I live super-far away from JVHS), and after a bazillion minutes wasted getting there, I only go there to discover that they were gone.

It was bad enough not taking my camera out during the fire drill and missing the drama there, but not taking the extra cool shots of emergency vehicles was also a big bummer. And the fact that I wasted practically an hour of my afternoon just getting "to" school, and getting nothing by the time I arrived, was really disappointing, and I got rather angry at that.

Well I got to miss most of History and all of Chemistry. So why should I be upset?

Well :

  • We had a free day for once in History – We had a free day to catch up on our project, but we had to spend it outside in the cold
  • Missed Chemistry – well actually, I don’t really like Chemistry much, but I’m having trouble in that class, and that means more work to catch up with the next day
  • Standing out in the cold – actually I didn’t mind this also. I got to chat with people I hadn’t seen for awhile. But the temperature out there didn’t make me feel better
  • Missed the first opportunity at getting a shot of the emergency vehicles
  • Wasted a whole hour trying to get back to school to see if they were still there
  • Had to have a talk with Gramps
  • Etc.

So I wasn’t really happy. Glad to get dismissed though. That’s about it.


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