I hate how people think I’m smart when I’m not

One of the many things I hate about myself, is that people think I’m smart. Well I’m not.

Sure, I do have a 6.6 GPA (the maximum limit at my HS is 7.0), a class rank of about 21, and I get a good amount of A’s. But that doesn’t mean anything.

Grades are just grades. They don’t really show how smart you are. IQ tests show how smart you are, but not your basic average grades. It’s only because I know what teachers want, and I give it to them. That’s the way I get my A’s.

But I’m really an idiot. I can’t understand a joke sometimes. I’m not as highly knowledgable in the fields of pop culture, fashion, arts, sports, and other basic things teens really know. I’ve got no skills like that.

I’m also a slow thinker. It takes me a long time to look and analyze things. Slow thinkers in the future aren’t going to get a good job. That’s why I’m not good at sports or competing – I’m too hesitant and slow to make an action. I also take a very long time to do tests and quizzes at school, because sometimes I’m not sure or can remember.

So when people think I’m smart, I feel like I’m deceiving them. I’m practically as smart as they are, or maybe dumber.

Smart used to mean nerdy a while ago, but being smart is good these days. But I’m not smart, so I hate being credited with something I’m not.

Just wanted to get that off my chest.


One response to “I hate how people think I’m smart when I’m not

  1. im in the same exact situation bud and I hate it because they set the standards so high for you.

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