Wonderful wedding at Hotel Derek

I attended my sister’s wedding at the hip Hotel Derek on Saturday, March 8, 2008. She got married with this neat guy named Alex. It was a wonderful wedding.

So the whole morning started real slow. I woke up a bit late, and people were rushing around and getting dressed. Then some more family came by, and some professional photographers. They snapped a lot of pictures in the front and the inside of the house. I wore a vest, pressed shirts, and slacks. So the morning stretched on and on. Some of the family went on to the hotel, while the women were getting their hair and stuff done.

Around late 3:00, we finally left. My mom was going ballistic thinking we would be late. Not really (other people came much later). So we got there, and the wedding control lady went through what we’re suppose to do and stuff. I was suppose to stand in line with my bro and other kids and wait to receive some trays when another line of guys came up. So then we went one-by-one to drop it off at the table on the raised stage. Then we went back to our seats. Then some more stuff happened, and I didn’t really understand it. So that was the "Asian" wedding. An hour later, would be the "American" styled wedding.

So I meandered about the hotel, exploring the lobby, and checking out the poolside. The orchestra played and they were pretty awesome.

Then the American wedding came on. I was to lead my mom to the stage. Straight and tall. Head up. All that. So I did my absolute best, and then went to my seat. It happened pretty fast. It was over before I knew it. I remember as a kid, it took a LONG time, and I had to stand while they were doing all their vows. It seemed like eons when I was a kid. I guess time goes slow when you’re not having fun, especially as a child.

Then the wedding ended and we went out into the lounge area for some appetizers and drinks, before the dinner would start. The meat on a stick was scrumptious. I wanted a croissant, but it was too late by the time I found the lady. There was also a plate of other goodies on table, but there was some seafood I didn’t want to touch. I went to the bar, and got a coke, with real cherries. So I wandered about the hotel lobby, the poolside, and other areas.

Then it was dinnertime. It was hosted in the same room as the wedding reception. The area transformed into a ballroom/dining area. There were neat luminescent water vases on the table, white plates, cloth, champagne glasses, and the works. There was also a wedding cake, though it looked rather plain from my standards. The Lost Boys Band sat at a table in the corner, and would play later in the night. They’re pretty cool. I really heard them for the first time at this event called "Light the Night" They were pretty good tonight. I was too tired though to get autographs or chat.

So there was food of course. There were rolls at first, with star-shaped butter pats. They were luscious and tasty. Though the melted butter got all over my fingers, and since rolls are round, the butter pat kept trying to slide off. But still VERY tasty. I tried out both the kids plate AND the adults plate. The kids plate had green beans, mashed potatoes (rather small amount), and some fancy breaded chicken with tomato (or whatever red) sauce under it. I liked it, though I could have done without the sauce. There was an adults plate, but I just really couldn’t eat it all. There was beef/steak on it, some unidentifiable cylinder shaped thing with white sauce on it, and more green beans.

So after that, there was dancing. Two little kids (younger than 5) were breakdancing a lot the whole time on the floor. It was so funny. I cracked up everytime I saw them do that. Of course, the bride and groom and their best friends gave a nice talk way before the dinner even started. Oh, and there was a camera crew the whole time during the wedding and the dinner, so it was kinda weird. I can’t wait to see the video.

I didn’t feel like dancing, because I’m not the type to get all loose and stuff. Some of my cousins (sister’s age) tried to pull me in, because they wanted some fun, but I tried my best to politely pull myself out. I went around asking my sister/brother-in-law the keys to their room so I could have a look-see, and finally found Tammy who actually had it with her. Unsurprisingly, they booked the Presidential Suite which was way at the top. Nice view, nice stuff (though it could have been better!) and something I’ve always wanted to go inside of.

So it’s almost one, a lot of people have already left, and when my mom finally decides to go home, she wants all the flowers from many of the tables. Why? I don’t know. It’s a woman thing. They’ll die anyways, and they’re an unnecessary hassle, but nope. My mom just HAD to have them. So my bro and I helped her carry them to the van. Ugh. I purposely tried my best to leave them in the lobby where my mom couldn’t see them. Because there were a ton she wanted.

So it was a really awesome wedding. I took a look at the total bill they paid, and was rather shocked. It costed more than $23,000. I mean, I could do a ton more stuff with $23,000 than just a wedding. But it was a nice quality wedding, so they got what they paid for.

That’s really all about the wedding. I’ve posted some pictures, and I’ll post some videos later.


3 responses to “Wonderful wedding at Hotel Derek

  1. I\’ve been there before! It\’s that really upscale hotel, near the Galleria I think. I agree with you, it\’s is pretty impressive.

  2. Is the Derek hotel hip then? I\’d often wondered what on earth a hotel called Derek might be like. Maybe I\’ll pop over there at the weekend!

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