Went to the Rodeo last Sunday

So I went to my 2nd RodeHouston a few days ago. At first, my aunt from California was going to take me, but she was too busy and had to leave for her flight in an hour or two. Sigh.

But my dad took me, and dropped me off there. I bought a Grounds Pass for $25. I get to go all over the grounds with this pass and not have to pay for another $7 ticket. (I only advise you to buy one if you’re going more than 3 days). I’ll be going there a lot during spring break.

So I went there and the first thing I bought was a jumbo corndog. When I went to the rodeo last year, I had this gargantuan corndog and it was super tasty. I got one as soon as I entered, though I don’t think it was similar to the one I ate before. But it cost about $5. Food really ain’t cheap.

Then I bought a plate of curly fries from Juicy’s. It came in a pretty large block for $6.50. Dimensions would be around 2.5-3 inches tall, 5-6 inches long, and 3 inches wide. So it was pretty large to eat. I sat on a bench and ate them one by one. Well actually piece by piece. I didn’t think I could eat it all, but I did. It took about a bit more than half a hour to. It tasted awesome at first, but after awhile, you really taste a lot of the grease and potatoes start tasting more drier. So I advise you eat this plate with another person or 2. It’s not really healthy. Juicy’s also had some awesome smelling burgers. Juicy’s is a pretty big booth.

I also remember ordering a fresh lemonade from another stand. It’s like the best I’ve ever tasted. Hmm.

I also snuck into the Reliant Stadium. It was kinda difficult, but I got in. I didn’t see the event though, it already ended. 😦

But I advise you not to do that, I just did that to see if I could do it. Reliant Stadium is pretty awesome.

I walked around a lot, to see if I could find people I knew. I didn’t. Though I did see a guy with the school’s letterman jacket, but didn’t recognize him or his date.

I didn’t even buy tickets for the rides. I’m a foodie, though the rides were tempting.

The rodeo experience was also confusing on how to get there. It’s not very pedestrian friendly. I was confused as how I’m supposed to reach the area by walking, but going along Kirby Dr. helps.

So if you’re in Houston, drop by the Rodeo!


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