Somebody stole trees from my front yard

Actually, this happened a month or two ago. Back in January-March 08′.

We had 3 really nice expensive trees in the front yard, very close to the house next to the dining room bay windows. Two of them were those swirly curly trees that go around the small trunk like ice cream from a soft-serve machine. Another tree stood between them with bunches of leaves and branches going in separate clusters around it. I don’t know how to describe these trees, but that’s the best I can do. They’re pretty fancy and modern is what they are.

Anyways, the thief first stole the two swirly trees around January/February, while I was away at a district conference. If I wanted to, I could have stopped this guy. He just took them down the street (we think) and put them in his truck and drove off.

Then around February, he tried coming back, but I guess he got scared off by something because we noticed a dirt trail, and he tried placing it right back.

Then the day before my sister’s wedding, he stole the last tree. I was really angry about that. Who would be nuts enough to steal the trees? They’re the only decent shrubbery that my mom has in her yards. Now they’re gone, and my parents have no intention of even bothering to replace them. They were kinda expensive.

I’m still upset that I could have done something about the last tree robbery. I was awake very late that night up to around 3-4. Then I dozed off on the the bean bag with the lights still on. A camera from a house across the street (nobody lives there, still new) caught some footage. It appears he stood next to the front door for like 20 minutes it seems. Doing what, we couldn’t tell, but we think he was checking if anyone was awake. I think it was around when I was still up.

Then he went away. A few hours later, he returns back and steals it. Wheelbarrows it farther down the street, and took off with it. He even left the wheelbarrow! The fact that I was awake and could have done something leaves me upset.

Anyways, I though I should post this, in case I forget some day. I really don’t like this new neighborhood, and I want to move closer to the high school. I really planned on taking some photos of the trees, but never got around to it. Sigh.


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