It’s been a week of the boring TAKS’s. Actually, it wasn’t the awful. TAKS days are super-easy. Probably the easiest days of the year. You just take the test and sit for a few hours waiting for the other to finish. Then you go one of you two classes of the day, eat lunch sometime during then, and then go on to your last class of the day. Most classes just have it easy.

So here’s how my TAKS days went.

Monday – No TAKS for everybody. Just classes and preparation.

Tuesday – Math TAKS for 10th. Was relatively easy. I had 4th period (Algebra II) and 6th period (Chem.). We just worked on a stupid SFA review in 4th, and practiced some TAKS stuff in 6th.

Wednesday – Math TAKS for 11th, and 9th. I just had 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th period. That’s it.

Thursday – Science TAKS for 10th, 11th. I thought this was pretty hard that it should be. There were some tricky questions that most of us (10th AND 11th) weren’t prepared for. Later it was revealed that they implemented some field questions (to see how students would perform on these) and they won’t be graded. There’s not a lot of certainty, but they could be the hard ones. Hopefully. I had 1st and 3rd period. Watched Oprah’s video special with Elie Wiesel at Auschwitz and talked about the book The Chosen. And in 3rd period, we watched Lion King in Spanish. I just fell asleep, and luckily we didn’t have to watch the whole thing and got free time.

Friday – History TAKS for 10th, and 11th. Science CBA for 9th – SUPER-EASY test. The only remote difficulty I had was analyzing dumb excerpts. But that’s about it. Had 5th period and finished watched more National Treasure, and had B-lunch. Had 6th period and we learned some bits about Organic Chemistry (like alkanes, alkynes, alkenes, and played with molecule models to make the hydrocarbons).

So it was a pretty easy week. I wouldn’t mind having more TAKS test if we could take it this easy.


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