Haven’t update for a LONG while, very sorry

Arrgh. I have to manage a lot of things, and I just don’t have the time to update this blog. So here’s what’s been going on lately:

I went to a choir concert on 5/7 and it was the last one of the year. I kinda liked it. Kinda. I wish I could understand some of the songs that were in a different language. I posted videos already. One of the choir teachers had a birthday that came right at the beginning of summer vacacation, so we sang her a song and had chocolate cake in the small commons.

Then two slow weeks of school passed by. These are like the easiest weeks of the year. We learned rather simple stuff. Wish more days could be like this.

I took the Dual-credit test on 5/18. The English part was relatively easy (well at least not THAT hard), but I really stumbled on the math stuff. Some of it was stuff I didn’t learn. Luckily, you only have to pass the English part to get in. Getting into the dual-credit system seems complicated to me. You have to go online and register, and sometimes I couldn’t find the right links, because they all sounded similar on the directions. I was confused. I hope I didn’t mess up. Seems like I’m in though. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any ID when I went to the testing room, so I had to wait for like half an hour for my dad to come with my high school ID card. It was a year old (lost the recent one), but they accepted it. I don’t know why they can’t make the signing-up process more streamlined and easier to follow, instead of a bunch of paperwork to look at (my counselor had to circle the areas), directions on how to sign-up from the web (super complicated when it shouldn’t be), and the fact that it’s just not simple. How hard is it to compile a simple checklist for a student to do? Right up to the "bring ID at testing facility", instead of making me waste time like that. Ugh.

On Memorial Day, I discovered I woke up in the early afternoon (I don’t get enough sleep at night), and didn’t get to really do anything. I did go to my parents’ friends’ house, and have some BBQ.

That’s about it really. So far, that’s all that’s been going on around here. I’ll try to catch up some more later.


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