Pool Party on Thursday

On Thursday, I went to my friend’s pool party, at Chloe Halley’s place. Unfortunately, when I got there half an hour late, the pool was closed. Actually, the pool was closed even longer than that. Turned out that there were too many chemicals mixing and cleaning the pool. Something like that. So we just sat around the patio area with our snacks (each guest must bring a snack) munching and chatting a bit for like 45 minutes. Most of them were band students, so I didn’t know most of them. Chloe expected a lot more people, and was disappointed by the turnout. She dressed in a nice white dress, which kind of looked nice on her. There was approximately 9 people there, including me. Javier or somebody splashed some water from their water bottles on somebody, and had a few aims at some others. Kimberly suggest 20 questions, but after 2 rounds, it was quite lame. Megan Jo stopped by with some nice fresh fruit. Luscious kiwis and strawberries. Mmm.

Robbi was being a jerk (as Chloe claimed) and wouldn’t come out of the car. Megan went back for a minute or two to persuade him to come out. He came.

There was a little hubbub that Chester Hillborn might be swinging by later. Some kids were ok with Chester coming, some weren’t. Chloe wasn’t. If you didn’t know, Chester Hillborn is this guy at school that really sounds gay, but claims he’s all Christian and isn’t gay. Though lots of people have doubts, the way Chester acts. I can’t blame them.

So we decided to move the party inside, because : a) we were so bored and would rather watch a movie, and b) to get away from Chester in case he did stop by

On the way in, another girl stopped by. Some Asian person in a lower grade. Had no idea what her name was though.

So we climbed the the outdoor steps to her 2nd floor apartment. I thought it was rather nice, the complex. White crown molding, comfy feel, and didn’t look too bad. Chloe’s room was richly designed with light pink paint on the walls, a bed with a small canopy overhanging the head side of the bed, a desk with a shiny new Dell laptop and printer, a bookshelf with a myriad of books, DVD’s, band awards, and topped with a Buddha statue on top (just for decoration – Chloe is Christian), and typical girl flair. We clustered around the living room area, and pondered on which movie to watch. In the end, we went for the 40 Year Old Virgin. I never saw the movie before, but wasn’t that thrilled watching the first half. The comedy parts didn’t make laugh as much. I sat on the nice big comfy couch with Luke and Nicole.

Later, somewhere in the 2nd half of the movie, Chloe called us into her room to shoot some party-webcam-slideshow thing. There was this PlayStation Eye, and it would take a picture of each of us (some with funny faces) and then used Aniboom.com to make some rapid fast-forward slideshow of all of us. It was pretty neat. I was disappointed by my picture. I didn’t really attempt a good picture.

So then we watched more of the darn movie, some people left, we ate more snacks, and eventually finished the movie. Then we lingered around and talked a bit, and finally called it quits. Nothing wild, nothing dramatic, and nothing else went off at the party. Chester didn’t show up, though I did call a false alarm earlier in the apartment. People jerked their heads towards the main windows, overlooking the grassy lawn and some of the pool area, where a guy was walking. Wasn’t Chester. Lol. That was pretty much the whole pool party.


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