Graduation Ceremony on Saturday

So I attended the JVHS ’08 Graduation Ceremony. It was kinda boring. I went with my cousin’s side of the family (who for some reason, has always had some issues with my mom’s side somewhere).

We got to the Berry Center, and it was super hard to find a parking spot. My cousin (different cousin) wanted a specific parking spot, but with all the officers pointing this way and that, we had to go back on the road to get over to that spot.

Then we got inside the Berry Center. I had to stick with my cousin’s family as we got to our seat. We sat pretty close to the vicinity of the main podium stand. So then we waited. We waited. And we waited some more. Finally the ceremony started off talking about how we’re all happy to be here today, thanking the school district board and all that. Michael Barbas, the valedictorian, went into this speech with something about Ithaca, but it was rather cruddy from the comments I’ve heard about it. Then Ginger Grossman and Jacqueline Harper went into their own speech reflecting about the past 4 years and looking towards the future. I thought their speech was pretty good : Quite vivid, a little humor, and really lightened the mood.

Then the principal had some more words to say, and finally they started naming the Summa Cum Laude, the Magna Cum Laude, and the Cum Laude. My cousin was in the Cum Laude group. I clapped loud. 🙂

So then everybody else’s name went by. Some people had funny names. Some had names that looked as if they came out of royalty. Some weren’t even present.

Finally it ended. I recorded some of it. My cousin’s family went out and down the steep wide steps of the Berry Center. We met my cousin down there. I gave her a high-five and gave her the congratulations. Unfortunately, I wanted to see some of the other graduates, but my cousin’s family wanted me to stay nearby, so I didn’t "get lost". Yeah, right. I’ve got a cellphone right here, and it didn’t appear as if they’d be moving off anywhere else so fast. So I stuck by like a lollipop.

Most of the graduating seniors were clumped far way towards Entrance One of the massive building, while my cousin’s family stood at the bottom of the humongous front stairway. Huong’s Asian friends chatted by, but not many (barely any) were coming down this way. They were all celebrating near Entrance One. I was yearning the chance to see some of these people just ONE more time, before we were probably gone forever. No dice. Huong’s family really didn’t want me to wander off. I made a lame excuse to go to the restroom, but Huong’s brother said I could wait until we got to the restaurant. Oh brother. They did let me go, and I went towards the main entrance at the top, but it was already locked. The rude officers wouldn’t let me in. Anyways I just decided to return back, instead of going around the staircase towards the other graduates. Bad mistake.

Anyways I barely saw anyone I knew (a quick faraway wave to 1 or 2 people) and that was it. We left to go to this Chinese restaurant along Bellaire Blvd. In the car, I talked to Huong and asked her a lot of questions about graduation and other stuff I’ve been meaning to ask. Then we finally arrived. I’ll be honest – I HATE Asian restaurants. They usually contain seafood which I really dislike, and I don’t like the arrangement of the foods, and the selection there is. I’m just not a fan. So it’s like torture. I ate some stuff, though I wasn’t really pleased. Huong invited me to place softball later, but I didn’t feel like it. Personally, I’m no softball fan either.

Then I got home. That was that. Sorry it took like a week to get this in.


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