I love Falcon Point

Has anyone ever been to Falcon Point before? It’s an awesome place. Houston is known for being a flat city (which is why there’s TONS of suburban sprawl). But go towards the NW area, around Jersey Village, and there’s actually some hills and a cliffside that rises up in just that area. Strange, because there aren’t fault lines around Houston, but it’s cool. Falcon Point lies just right along the Jersey Meadows Golf Course, and borders the US 290 and goes along that strip all the way towards JVBC near Jersey Dr.

The place is named after the many falcons that soar around there. The tall pine trees, the nooks within the cliffs offer a great place for the falcons to dwell. There is a reason why the JVHS mascot is a falcon. It’s fun to hike year-round. The trees offer tons of shade, and coolness against the Texas sun, there’s some cool creatures lurking around nearby, and it’s refreshing from the typical fume-exhausted roadways of Houston.

Once you reach the cliffside, it’s a spectacular view. Down below there’s tons of trees, then followed by the houses, apartments and condos of Jersey Village, leading towards the freeways and tollways, and there’s a good view of downtown Houston at the horizon. If you’re lucky sometimes, you might catch a falcon. There used to be a lot of falcons, but some local hunters (illegally)  shot them (before August 25, 1999 – when Peregrine Falcons were off the U.S. Endangered Species list). But even after 1999, the Jersey Village city council ruled a ban on the killing of the peregrine falcon. So there’s been more falcons lately, which is good.

Falcon Point is NOT an official park area or anything. It’s just a local name given to that area. There’s some trails, but no official names or whatever. There’s talk that the city of Jersey Village is considering submitting FP to the state parks division, and offering some money to manage it, and the Peregrine Fund could manage a small conservancy there. But some people criticize that the park is a bit too small to consider it be a real park.

Anyways, I love to visit Falcon Point from time to time. I’m just hoping it won’t fall away towards the real estate moguls that have been building ugly strip malls, single-site chain stores, gas stations, and all that other nonsense. As if we don’t have enough of them. There’s rumors that they might want to develop something big, like maybe a second shopping center complex. There’s already a recently new shopping complex right in Jersey Village. Does there need to be a new one?

If you have time, visit Falcon Point. It wouldn’t hurt to take a quick hike once in awhile, would it?

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One response to “I love Falcon Point

  1. Falcon Point was neat. I remember visiting with you once there. It\’s just the way you described it. You get an awesome view of the area. I too hope they don\’t demolish it, and turn it into another shopping center. Shopping centers are cool and all, but we don\’t need a bazillion.

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