Blue Delta – Blue Bell’s latest new ice cream : My review

I ate a half-gallon of Blue Bell latest ice cream creation : Blue Delta

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  IMG_3389   IMG_3390   IMG_3391

So here’s my general thoughts:

  • Very rich blueberry taste – Like a lot of Blue Bell’s ice creams, there’s a deep rich taste
  • Purplish-blue looking – The ice cream mixture has a lavender color, with dark blue blueberry streaks through it. "Chunks" of quarter-sized pie crusts can be seen from some spots.
  • Pie crust "chunks" – Blue Bell wanted to mimic the taste of pie crust with blueberry pie. The pie crust "chunks" are about the size of a quarter, and they do have a taste of a pie crust, kind of, but they can be hard to bite into. You have to get the chunks soggy enough for it to taste (kinda) like a real blueberry pie.
  • More blueberry sauce than actual berries – The blueberries come more in a sauce like mixture, rather than just berries. You can taste some of the cool outer skin of the blueberries though.
  • Eat it once, and maybe some other day – The ice cream tasted good enough, but I thought it was a bit too blueberry for me. I’d probably just buy it once or twice, and wait another year to come and eat it again.

Overall, I’d rate the Blue Delta as 3/5. It was great tasting, but too rich for me. I also disliked that there wasn’t a lot of pie crust chunks to eat, and that they were a bit on the hard side if they’re not soggy enough. The lavender color through me off, but I got used to it. I couldn’t help but feel I was eating grape ice cream instead of blueberry. However, the good taste settled that. Blue Bell did a sizable job with Blue Delta.

Go ahead, and give Blue Delta a try. It’s pretty good once in a long while, but I don’t recommend eating it over and over again.

For some reason though, I can’t find much information on the web about Blue Bell’s latest ice cream. I guess it’s still in testing phrase.


4 responses to “Blue Delta – Blue Bell’s latest new ice cream : My review

  1. Oh, thank you. Actually, I\’m not that much a fan of ice cream. I\’m always trying to eat less junk food. I just thought it was interesting to put up.

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