Great 4th of July!

Well actually, it was pretty good for the most part. I was really hoping to go to the Chevy’s Freedom Over Texas event in downtown Houston, but unfortunately, nobody could give me a ride. I spent the whole day doing nothing. I was hoping for my aunt to take me to the event, but unfortunately, she didn’t get the memo. I was planning on visiting this person I met online there, but whoops, I wasn’t clear on saying "Chevy’s Freedom Over Texas". I just said I hope she could take me to see the fireworks downtown.  My aunt did pick my 6-year old brother, and myself up, to go somewhere near downtown to watch the fireworks blast. Just not the event. But it really wasn’t that bad.

First, my aunt picked my brother and I up around 7:20. We drove over to the James Coney Island nearby and ordered some mini corndogs and fries, as well as some milkshakes. Then we drove along towards the downtown area. My aunt didn’t want to bother with the big Independence Day traffic going into downtown, so we hung around Memorial and found a good spot to view the downtown skyline we’re the fireworks would be blasting off.

We passed through the River Oaks Shopping Center, which is this neat 50’s/60’s themed shopping center strip that went down a few blocks. It sort of has this neat black and white art deco architecture, and looks really awesome during sunset. I never been through there before, so I was in awe by the buildings that we passed by in the Lexus. We parked off near this newer shopping strip center. We spotted a Wells Fargo and my aunt saw the 3 story parking garage perched there. She thought it would be a great place to get a nice view of the downtown fireworks, and I had to agree, it did seem ideal.


(picture via birds-eye view under Live Maps)

First she did go to the ATM machine and got some cash. Then we walked up the small 3 floors pretty quick. Sadly, the Wells Fargo building was built-up right to the parking structure, and semi-hid the downtown skyline. It didn’t rise higher than a story or two, but it was enough. If you hung around the wall closest to W. Pierce St., you could pick out a few downtown buildings. The other side, closest to W. Gray St., had a good view of downtown between the Wells Fargo and the roof of another building, along that end, but my aunt wasn’t sure if that would be the right spot.

The problem was, which side would host the fireworks? I thought they were blasting them off all over downtown, but there were at least already a few people milling up on the garage closest to W. Pierce St. I didn’t expect any more gazers (we did arrive about 45 minutes early), but little by little more and more people came. At 9:15, the lot was already filled up, with more people parked below and coming up to see the fireworks. It was pretty full.

There were a series of fireworks that came on the opposite side of the building. Far off in the distance away from downtown, towards River Oaks, we could see fireworks popping into the sky in a series of bright colors and loud air gushing. It was pretty nice, to be honest. Of course, everyone knew the real show would be hitting downtown around 9:35 PM. It last pretty long. From around 9 – 9:35. Just in time for the downtown fireworks show.

My aunt and I thought we’d have a better view of the skyline from one end of the longer side, closest to the Wells Fargo building. We saw more downtown than any other end or side. Alas, we were wrong. The fireworks were actually shooting off from the shorter side of the parking garage. Just like where all the first people came to stop by.

We scurried over there and watched in oohs and ahhs as the fireworks streaked into the Texas sky, and blew up in dazzling colors and streams. Fireworks are always a great sight to watch. Somebody had the car radio blaring real loud, and I heard a woman nearby complain that station always played really awful songs. Though maybe they were going to make the music more celebratory to play in tune with the downtown fireworks. I thought a lot of those songs weren’t that good, but the last song, a rendition of "America the Beautiful" in a male African-American vocal really got it right. It played very well with the fireworks bursting in the air, and the song ended just as the show ended. It was a really beautiful moment.

Then my Aunt Nicole quickly got us to the Lexus, before there was the traffic of many cars leaving at the same moment. We got out pretty fast. We stopped at a fireworks stand near some auto center along Fairbanks N. Houston Rd., and bought some firecrackers. Some diamond-shaped whizzy shoot-in-the-air fireworks, sparklers for Andrew, scuttling tanks, smoke cherries, and rolls of shooting fireworks that blew out up to 10 of themselves into the air. Not sure the names for all these fireworks, but they were pretty neat. My other brother, Alan, didn’t feel like playing, which was strange, considering he wanted to blow up some fireworks, but just decided not to.

Anyways, it was a great Independence Day, even if there was no BBQ or going over to the Chevy’s Freedom Over Texas event. I got over it. I’m just happy to go out and have some fun. I’m also going to Galveston beach this Sunday. :^)


One response to “Great 4th of July!

  1. Neat. I\’m sorry that you didn\’t get your BBQ and go to the event.
    I had a BBQ with some friends and my grandma, and it was a blast. We popped some fireworks later during the evening. Nice to hear you at least got to pop some firecrackers too.

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