Who kidnapped Tiffany Lincoln? Chapter 1.

This is part of my daily mystery series : Who Kidnapped Tiffany Lincoln? I do a daily post every day (or at least try to) about an ongoing mystery series of a girl who gets kidnapped during Independence Day. I’m the amateur detective trying to figure out who did it, and how to get her back. Every day, I’ll post a little bit more until the case is solved. Some characters may actually be real in real life, while some are based on real life people. If anyone is offended, please feel free to contact me. Enjoy.

Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock.

How much longer would it take? I glanced at my silver watch. 3AM.

It was my fault. I knew it. I was suppose to keep close watch on this girl Tiffany Lincoln. I had no idea those threats were real. I told myself, those were just pranks. A stupid joke from somebody. However, deep in my gut, I knew there was something fishy going on, and that’s why I tried to keep watch over Tiffany, only to fail.

Tiffany Lincoln is one of the those up and coming latest teen models that you hear about every so often. She has cocoa-colored brown skin, pretty dark eyes, a smile that could make you melt, pretty tall, and was as graceful as a gazelle. In other words : very pretty, very sexy. She was planning on going to L.A. in just 5 days to get her first really big break for this cereal commercial.

However, she’s been receiving threats lately, not to pursue her career. That’s what ATAC filled me in. ATAC, if you’ve never heard, stands for American Teens Against Crime. It’s this really neat secret crime-fighting organization, where they pull in special teenage agents to take over cases where adults are not as likely to blend in. Keyword being secret. ATAC sends their mission CD’s in secret ways. Usually I get packages delivered in strange ways, realize it’s an ATAC CD disguised as a video game or hidden under something, pop it in the computer, and out comes this mission. After it’s done, it automatically converts into a normal music CD of whatever they felt like putting.

So my job was to pretend to be Tiffany’s personal assistant. Even though she’s still new, ATAC managed to set-up a way to convince Tiffany she needed a personal assistant. That’s me. Tiffany doesn’t know I’m actually trying to protect her. She wanted no body guards at all, and there was no changing that. A personal assistant undercover is the next best thing. I get to tag along with her in most cases and jot down whatever she wants and get it done. Luckily, she’s still new to this, and hasn’t asked me much yet.

It was only just a few hours ago that we were together…

Walking down Senate Ave., I trudged along the sidewalks holding shopping bags full of last-minute items in time for Independence Day. Ahead of me, Tiffany chatted on and on with some friends in some fancy, designer, red-white-‘n-blue halter top, and classy denim skirt. In just six hours, I’d gone from personal assistant, to boy toy. She was babbling on about how she got me for a good price and all that. Oh brother. I’m not even good material for pete’s sakes.

It was a sunny morning, and it was crawling towards noon. The sun rose up over the tidy stores lining Senate Avenue. People were milling about shopping and celebrating Independence Day. I wish I could have gone to a friend’s BBQ, instead of holding bag for some up and coming model. I mean, Tiffany Lincoln is nice enough I guess, but she’s a handful. She’s also getting on my nerves. We finally reached her cars, and I dumped all the bags in the trunk. We were heading to a BBQ that one of Tiffany’s friends was hosting. I didn’t feel like going, but I had to be with Tiffany at all times, or something could happen to her. Besides, maybe her friend gets paid as well as herself, so it could be a great BBQ.

In just a few minutes, we stood in front of an impressive mansion on Philippine St. The mansion was Mediterranean-style with lots of stucco, red tiles, and all that. As we took the shortcut towards the backyard, something menacing jumped out of the bushes, and right in front of Tiffany’s path.


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