My favorite comics

I love to read the daily funnies when I can. I have a lot of comic strips that I follow all the time, and I’m going to share some.

Here’s my list of comic strips that I love to follow (usually in the Houston Chronicle, or their website) in no particular order:

  • Close to Home – Funny variety-ranging square
  • Bizarro – Another funny variety-ranging square
  • Mother Goose and Grimm – Usually a funny strip of a dog and cat and their owner, a goose
  • Hagar the Horrible – Usually lightly funny
  • The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee – I like this, just a little. It’s about a boy, and there’s 90% of the times something political
  • Brewster Rockitt : Space Guy – Funny characters on a spacecraft, and clever humorous situations
  • Monty – A little humor here and there
  • Rhymes with Orange – Wide variety of funny things
  • Sherman’s Lagoon – A cast of sea creatures and they’re typical humorous lives
  • Sally Forth – A strip following the daily life of a middle-aged business woman, and her family
  • B.C. – Stone Age humor
  • Blondie – Lovable classic
  • Beetle Bailey – Military humor
  • Curtis – Awesome comic strip about a cool black boy and his antics. Very funny.
  • One Big Happy – 2 kids and their daily antics
  • Garfield – One of my faves. The fat cat is always out to get something, Jon (the owner) always does something SO geeky, and lovable Odie and Liz
  • Argyle Sweater – Another one of those funny variety-ranging squares
  • Family Circus – Losing it’s touch, but the circle usually has the kids saying something cute and funny that you expect kids to do
  • Baby Blues – Great strip about a family and their daily antics, typical common frustrations, and it’s usually hilarious
  • Peanuts – One of my faves. Surprisingly, most times I don’t find it funny, but the characters are just lovable
  • Luann – Funny teenage humor, following a girl or other members of her family and sticky situations
  • Heart of the City – This enthusiastic, Philadelphia girl who wants it where it’s all at. Very determined, and loves the glitz of fame.
  • Hi & Lois – Another American family that has it’s crazy moments
  • Baldo – Neat Hispanic family with it’s humorous moments
  • Red & Rover – Awesome American strip. A boy and his dog and their daily adventures
  • Zits – Great teenage comic strip about a boy and him being the "typical" American teen. Just plain awesome
  • Pears Before Swine – A comic strip with quirky characters and their quirky lives
  • Lio – A neat strip about a boy that loves monsters, creatures, robots, and anything evil, but with a lighter humorous tone
  • F Minus – A strip of wide variety humor
  • Crankshaft – A grumpy old guy and his normal family. There’s humorous moments
  • Funky Winkerbean – Interesting comic following the daily lives (mainly a man who lost his wife to caner, and his daughter) of Westview citizens
  • Foxtrot – A funny Sunday comic (used to be daily) about an American family with the typical geek, girl teenager, jock and their gargantuan antics
  • Dennis the Menace – Old-fashioned, but it’s a classic
  • Drabble – Neat comic about a fat guy, his nagging wife, three kids and their duck and Weiner dog
  • Gasoline Alley – Eccentric characters and their adventures
  • Heathcliff – This cat can do anything :^)
  • My Cage – An animal world starring a platypus with his dog girlfriend, a pet amoeba, and his eccentric co-workers. Young-adult oriented
  • Rex Morgan – Awesome adventures of a crime-fighting guy
  • Phantom – Adventures of a superhero and his wife
  • The Amazing Spider-Man – The superhero and his adventures
  • Arctic Circle – A funny cast of animal characters that live in Antarctica and their antics. Notable green theme.

That’s a lot of comics, eh? Most of them I read whenever I can, while some I might skip sometimes. Others are Sunday-only for me. I’m usually more interested in the teen/child/young-adult oriented comics. They’re very humorous, and following their adventures can be fun.

I usually browse through the Houston Chronicle’s comic section for it’s wide variety of comics. They have a ton! Archives too and in color. I’m surprised that the internet biggies like Yahoo!, MSN, and AOL don’t have as much variety to choose from. Oh, well.

Comics are awesome!


One response to “My favorite comics

  1. Man, that\’s a lot of comics! I too use the Chronicle\’s comic page. Maybe we should swap bookmarks sometime?

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