I hate the suburbs, don’t you?

I may have mentioned this before, but I just hate living in the suburbs. It drives me nuts all the time. I like my house, but that’s it. Everything else can go.


Every day, I just sit in my house. Why? Well it’s not like I can walk anywhere, besides the new subdivision’s kiddie playground and the boring pool. It’s also very hot during the summer in Houston, and walking long distances (with no sidewalks or shade) is horrible.

I can’t drive yet, so unless I have a ride, I’m STUCK. So it’s indoors for me, most of the time. What do I do indoors? Read, go on the computer, exercise, and a little TV. Same routine almost everyday so far. It just bores me so much. Driving is just another suburban hassle to me. Learning how to drive, paying gas, insurance, getting a car, a license, watching out on the road and all that just drives me NUTS. If I could, walking or biking would be my modes of transportation. But biking in suburban Houston is just plain dangerous.

Then there’s the houses. Practically most new houses these days are just cookie cutter designs. Oh a few tweaks here and there, and slightly different landscaping, but it’s still practically the same. The houses look nice I guess, but seeing them over and over as you wind down the street makes you really think they’re practically the same boring houses. Nothing daring. Nothing different. Probably because of the stupid home owners association and their prissy laws. If I could build my own house, it’d be a 3-story townhome with lots of fancy windows, cool outdoor lights, and an awesome exterior. Way neater than your typical suburban houses.

Then there’s the boring strip malls. It’s like you can’t go a mile without seeing one. They stand there, and there’s a few businesses, and then not far away, another one comes into view. HW 249 (or whatever name you want to call it by) has tons of them. I used to remember when there were so many trees around the area. I thought it was pretty neat to see the treetops as the car coasted on a ramp that went high towards the traffic light in front of 249. Now most of the woods is gone and there’s boring suburban homes. Sigh.

There’s also mowing the grass. Not my favorite activity. To me, grass is grass. It grows, so what? But, nope. You have to mow it. Waste of gas and time. It’s not that pretty.

I’m also surprised at the subdivision I live in. I know it’s still new and all, and there’s still houses getting constructed, but I lived here for a year, and there’s practically no teens of interest. None that I’ve personally known before, have classes with, or even want to bother talking with. I guess new subdivisions attract new people. My family moved hear just for a larger house from an old one not so far away. There’s nobody cool or even slightly interesting as far as I know. It sucks.

Also, a lot of people don’t seem to go outside a lot. Nobody bikes by, and few people walk at all, most to walk their dogs. So I really won’t bump into anyone there.

There’s a kiddie playground on a patch near the lake, and a small/medium-sized pool. But I’m no kid, and the playground is really hot around noon and and the afternoon. Plus the trees are still new and don’t offer any good shade. The pool is boring as well. There’s no lifeguard at all, and it’s not a community hotspot. Suburban life really has crumbled. I’m guessing most people spend their time indoors or someplace else.

So yes, to me, the suburbs just suck like rotten eggs. When I grow up, I probably won’t bother moving to the suburbs. Either living in the inner city, or a small town is where it’s at.

I used to think downtown was boring, except for some neat skyscrapers, but it’s really neat. At least to walk around anyways. The soaring skyscrapers brush across the great blue sky. The fact that there’s actually people on the streets (at least during lunch break) makes it feel lively and like the hustle and bustle of a real city. Tranquility Park is neat, the tunnel system is fun to go through, the central public library has tons of books and magazines, and it just feels great to wander about and look at a cityscape. Awesome picture-taking too.

So I just plain flat out hate the darn suburbs. I can predict that one day, suburbs are just going to be a wasteland. I mean look at very old suburbs now. Those houses are harder to sell during bad times, and beyond simply being a home, they don’t offer much. It’s hard to say a suburban home has "historical" roots, or is compelling compared to a new house or unit not so far away. And maybe one day, those roads will be bike routes. And some subdivisions near the city might get knocked down to make way for high-rises.

Suburbs just suck.


4 responses to “I hate the suburbs, don’t you?

  1. I feel the struggle man. I live a bit outside of downtown Raleigh, NC so for me it’s really not that bad (I get to bike to school, awesome). Driving is just the worst! Huge waste of money i completely agree. You’ll make it out someday. My dream is living on floor 20+ in a skyscraper, but now that you mention it, small town wouldn’t be bad either 🙂

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