Saw Hellboy II, didn’t like it

I saw Hellboy II : The Golden Army, and didn’t really like it. I mean, I guess it was ok. But I’m not a big fan of films with weird creatures and myths and stuff. So, it’s not really the movie itself, but just me. I don’t like that stuff in the first place, so I didn’t like the movie.


I guess it did have it’s funny moments, like how the young version of Hellboy is a REALLY tan looking boy with horns, and it was really hilarious. As well as other moments.

The action parts were pretty fine. Ok, in my opinion, but nothing extraordinary.

The one part of the movie that I didn’t like is the antagonist, is Prince Nuada. That guy is a sicko. He has really long hair like a girl, and a really white and sickly face. And he wears a robe like a girl too! I don’t like boys who look feminine. He wants Earth to be taken over by creatures again, and undo what humans have done to the world. However, his father, the king, thinks the kingdom being hidden away his best, but Prince Nuada would disagree. He has a twin sister, that sticks to her father’s side. At first, the two are close, but once she turns on him, he’s out to get them both.

So Prince Nuada goes to this auction to steal part of the King’s crown, and kills everybody there. He wants all the pieces of the crown, so he can unleash an enormous army of indestructible robots to wreak havoc on humans. Part of his master plan.

So Hellboy and his gang are out to stop him. They cause a little chaos in NYC, and make they’re way to Scotland to do the final scene. I don’t remember every detail, so that’s about it.

I’d give it a B- ; Or 3 stars I guess.

I really want to see The Dark Knight though. Everybody keeps buzzing about it, so I definitely have to see it. I’m not into Batman or comics, again, but I just want to see the action parts.

I’m really into movies that have action/mystery/suspense/comedy/feel-good in it.


3 responses to “Saw Hellboy II, didn’t like it

  1. i think hellboy 2 is better than the 1st one but i know what u mean. its not that extraordinary.
    anyway, im going to see the dark knight for sure.

  2. Thanks guys. I\’ll definitely check out The Dark Knight.
    I never saw the first Hellboy to make an opinion on that.

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