Anticipating the 2008 Summer Olympics

I LOVE the Olympics. Summer & Winter. The thing I love about the Olympics, is that it’s a chance for people from many nations across the world, to come meet in one spot, and compete in a wide variety of sports, bring people together, and give a sign of peace.


It’s a joy to get a glimpse of the host city, and how they prepared for the big event with the venues, making the city better, and getting their people on track. In the case of Beijing 2008, they really worked hard to get the air quality better (by cutting down factories, pulling cars off the road with a lottery system, opening up subway lines, planting trees, etc.). And China promised to work on human rights issues (though this part hasn’t been so evident). Anyway, the Olympics isn’t about politics, it’s about sportsmanship and friendship.

The games is also a joy to watch and root your country for. And sports can have a sort of art to it. The way the athletes might move in unison, or in rhythm with each other. How they streak across the sport’s terrain, and how they work so hard to go for the gold.

To me, the Olympics is just a beautiful moment. I would have loved to visit this years games if I could.

NBC has an Olympics site for this Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics, and there’s going to be tons of high quality videos, using Microsoft Silverlight.

Can’t wait to check it out. What about you? Are you at all interested in the Olympics?


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