Hot twins at the supermarket today

I’ve seen some really good-looking people around my area before, and then very rarely, some very hot ones. I saw a twin pair of hot ones today.

We’d been car hunting the whole day for my cousin. I didn’t really come to see cars, just to go out and hopefully see someone I know. And to get to Krogers. So we finally hit the supermarket. I was pushing the cart towards the produce section, and I my eyes swayed toward the direction of the checkout aisles. And there stood two really handsome guys. They were about 6ft. tall, short brown hair, slight hit of a shaved beard, nice think fit body, and a face that could make you melt. Gorgeous. They could have been models. They were twins.

Believe it or not, guys do check other guys out. You know, to size up the competition. See how well you stand up to them. Not in the other way. Like girls sometimes do. It’s just that we don’t admit it out loud, or even think about it subconsciously.

Anyway, they were so hot, that I lingered around nearby just to sneak glances in their direction. Man, I never felt myself attracted like this. Then they finally left. This all took place in just a few minutes. I’m left to wonder, could I ever be that good-looking?

I’m not that tall. I’m about average at best. Maybe around 5"8′ I think. I’m worried though, because my family isn’t full of tall people. In fact, I’m probably already one of the tallest in my family. I already surpassed my father, a lot of my male cousins, some uncles, and so on. Even my grandfather, I think. I’m worried I’ll never get to 6". I don’t exactly know what age most men stop growing, but that day could be anytime soon. I’ve always drank a lot of milk when I was young, and I still do sometimes thought not as often (has the quality of milk gone down?). And I try to exercise a lot. I also don’t eat too much, and sometime skip meals. I’m trying to do whatever I can to grow taller. I don’t have much arm muscles, but I can make that up in height.

I’ve also been meaning to grow a beard too. There’s this cute guy at school; Zach and he has this awesome beard. It kind of looks sexy and appealing to me, so I have to have one too. He said if I don’t shave, then I’ll get more hair growth. It has worked, kind of. I’ve had more chin hair, but I got an upper lip of mustache, and I’m not fan of mustaches. I’ve been teased over it. I just don’t like it.

I might dye my hair brown too. I’ve always thought brown was a pretty good hair color. Kind of like in the middle of it all. Green eyes to go along would be super. I doubt the eyes part, but I could make my hair brown. Though I’m not sure if it could work on me. My black hair is so boring. It’s like almost everybody has black hair. I don’t want to dye my hair, if it clashes with my overall look. I want to be hot, and appeal to chicks. Not be a goofball.

Like I said, I’m working on toning myself. I don’t do real workouts. Just basic exercises everyday like 4 sets of 50 push-ups, 2 sets of 60 curl-ups, and maybe some jumping jacks or stretches. Though sometimes I forget a set or don’t have time since I do it at morning and night before I brush my teeth. My arms haven’t been any better though. Practically the same as before. But I try really hard on my push-ups. I’m lean and fit, but I want more.

Anyway, I really wish I could have snapped a picture of the twins. I even had my camera in my pocket for once! But I was just too mesmerized to think of doing that.

I wish they lived nearby my house. I could imagine them lawn mowing, or even being neighbor buddies. Fat chance. Most of my neighbors are boring. There’s an older couple to the right, and a young Asian family to the right with little kids. BORING! I have some hope though, because across the street 3-4 new houses are being built and there’s a good chance there could be families with teens moving in. Hopefully interesting teens.  All the ones around here are dull. Or just not my cup of tea. If there’s a 2-story house getting built, that further increases my chances. But so far, I noticed first two being built are definitely one story. There is a two-story directly across the street that’s uninhabited, so it remains a mystery as to who’ll live there.

Darn, those twins are hot. I’m hoping to be good-looking like them one day. That way I could impress people that way, and have the power to mesmerize people.

Sorry, just another one of those random blog posts.


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