Starting off my Junior year at High School with a bang

I expected today to be a dreadful today, but it wasn’t too bad. I thought it’d be much worse. It really wasn’t.

So I waited for the bus. It was early morning, and I chose to wear my green cargo shorts, and a red/black/yellow-striped Polo. I got a few mosquito bites unfortunately, waiting for the darn bus. Darn, we have to live so far away from the HS. The bus finally rolled in. I waited the next 15 in anticipation. It can take forever it seems. Even when we’re right next to the sidewalk outside of school, we have to do a roundabout and go towards the back. ARGH!

So the Large Commons was bustling with students. People were a bit confused, and didn’t know where or what line to get their schedule. I finally spotted my last name letter, and got it. Here’s my schedule:

  1. Physics – Looks boring. OK I guess.
  2. English III – Small class really. I hope it’s not too bad. I don’t like English literature.
  3. US History Dual Credit – I don’t think I’ll like this one sadly :^( Too much special needs and everything.
  4. BCIS – Looks relatively okay for a computer class
  5. Tech Theater – Looks fairly easy. Lots of physical work
  6. SAT College Prep – Preparing for the SAT. Looks like an OK class
  7. Pre-Calc – Has practically everyone I could really hope for in a class

They really fooled me. I thought at first that we’d only have core classes within our houses. What BS. There wasn’t one class where it was only the V house. I guess they’re really short on teachers, to have one for each house or something. Whatever. It’s all good. I prefer to keep it this way.

I have B lunch. Right after 4th period. It’s all right. But I think most of the interesting students are in A. From what I hear. There’s only 3 lunches this year. They rearrange the cafeteria tables into long ugly rows. With no breaks in between.

Other "bad" stuff:

  • School starts 5 minute earlier – I also think we still leave out at the same time
  • 6 minutes between each period – I don’t know if it’s a bad thing for some, but I usually catch my classes in the usual 5 minutes.
  • 7 classes this year – Compared to 6 last year. I think this means more works, more studying, and juggling so many classes.
  • Remodeling/Renovation construction – Still going on. I don’t see much progress since we last left. That sucks.
  • NO Advisory – This REALLY sucks. I love advisory time. It was a nice time to finish up or start homework for a class, or spend it chatting with friends, making-up a quiz, playing a game, helping out, and all that stuff during school hours. Now it’s gone.

We did this interesting thing throughout the school day. During 1st period (which Mr. Kutsko didn’t do), we were suppose to draw a pig on a piece of paper. During 2nd period, the teacher claimed that if your pig was up high, it meant that you are optimistic. Middle of page meant realistic. Bottom of page was pessimistic.

3rd period : Facing to the left – Traditional, friendly, good with dates and birthday. Right – Innovative, loves family, and forgets dates. Facing forwards – Direct and to the point and Devil’s advocate

4th period : Lots of details – Complex person. Less details – Simple person.

5th period : Drew 3 or less feet – Not a task finisher. Draw 4 : Does the tasks

6th period (we didn’t do, I think)

7th period : Drew a tail or any sorts, good. No tail = Not much.

A lot of people claim they were what the pig depicted them. Some drew the pig in such a way, that some of these things didn’t work at all. For me, my pig and myself really are realistic/optimistic, traditional/friendly/good-with-dates, task finisher, good detailer, and all that stuff. It did fit me pretty well. But whatever. I just drew it hastily in 2nd period.

Well that’s about it for today. Hope the next days are all right. At least we get Labor Day off!


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