Hurricane Ike making it’s way into Houston

Been a while since I updated. Well Hurricane Ike is slowly pulling itself into Houston. Ugh, Thursday started off so bad. School started, the sun was shining bright. My first 3 classes were filled with 3 horrible test and quizzes that I doubt I did well on. Man I’d hate to come back to school and see the grade. There was ONE thing I was looking forwards to, that day : My Environmental Club meeting at Fuddruckers. I was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately, around lunchtime, news that school would not be opened Friday and all after school activities (including today’s game at Humble) had to all be CANCELLED. I caught up with Kevin Nguyen, and he said maybe next week. Ugh. I didn’t plan on eating, but it’d at least be fun going somewhere and doing real things for the club.

School has been fine. I ABHOR US History Dual-Credit. Worst class ever. There’s only 2 other guys besides me, the classwork is dumb, and history no longer seems fun. I miss the good old days. The other classes are fine. There’s this guy in my SAT Prep Class I’ve been having a liking towards. His name is Jason. He has awesome biceps (drugs?), and a cute face. From what I know, he’s a senior, born on September 11th, has smoked pot a few times before (or still does), likes to toy around with others, and I think he’s been homo for like 5 months. He seems promising. But I haven’t mustered enough courage to ask him the big questions yet. I still have a crush on Mary Hollenback. She’s in my English III class, and she’s a Gold Duster (JVHS’s drill team) and she’s pretty ditzy. But she’s awesome. She reminds me a lot of the Lollipop Girl from GTA IV.

Well so far, it started pretty sunny this morning. My dad too me to Hollywood Video and I rented Vantage Point (I love that movie!). I noticed that the parking lots of Home Depot and Walmart were pretty bare. I guess the stores were closed, which is too bad. I went to Barnes & Noble the other day, to get this book for English called The Scarlet Letter (Kaplan edition). I went, and they didn’t have it. I made a request, and it was lucky I persuaded my mom to take me, or it’d taken longer to get.

Well that’s about it so far. I hope Hurricane Ike won’t damage around too much. MSNBC has a wonderful Hurricane Tracker:



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