Just wanting to hang out with friends and getting my 2008 yearbook

Well we had an officer meeting for the Environmental Club the last Monday. We spent it out at McDonalds on West Rd., instead of Whataburger this time. It was pretty nice to chat with the members. We didn’t really discuss too much about the meeting; but we did talk about a bunch of other stuff.

I was hoping for more meetings at food joints, and kept shooting off place to go. I named some fast food places, and even the movie theaters. Jason said it’d be pointless considering we’re suppose to be watching a movie, not chatting. Then he shot a question, that kind of hit the heart, “Who do you usually go to the movies with?”. I really didn’t see the reason to lie, and said “Just myself usually”. I think he had a sad look, and might have said something, but even I know how lame that sounded. Usually people go to the movies with their friends, and I just don’t have any good ones. That’s why I really enjoyed these off-campus meetings. It was almost like hanging out with real friends. Until we have to go home.

The whole week hasn’t been so good. I still haven’t been able to locate my camera and Zune. I really fear someone snatched it. I just really wished I could have uploaded my post-Hurricane Ike pictures, and update my Zune firmware (which surprisingly, had a new feature for a coded screen lock). Such a coincidence I discovered them missing the day I got my power back. I could bear without the Zune I guess (which had some content I’m not pleased to share with people), but the camera had a lot of great images on it, and its a tool I use often. My dad uses it too. Now that I’m camera-less and poor, I don’t know how I can deal with this. I’m shocked that I really let my stuff get snatched from me. I considered myself better than that.

I’ve also been sick for a bit, since Wednesday. I don’t know if it’s the flu, the cold, or a fever, but I got a really nasty sore and coughy throat (must have been mucus, and my voice was handsomely low), my nose was runny, and just only a few times I felt kinda hot at home. It’s abated though.

I also found out that the person I like, still kind of like his ex-boyfriend, but they’re going through some struggles. He might get one of those big cookie pies to make it up. Darn. Life just isn’t fair. In my case, more than unfair.

I also got my 2008 yearbook yesterday. Finally! Seem to took forever. I found 2 photographs of me, and a mention of me. One being my class photo, one a picture of working during Environmental Club (which I’m Public Relations at the moment), and a mention of me during Interact. Pretty nice.

That’s really all I have to say. I hope things get better for myself.


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