The long distance from my house to JVHS : Location matters in society

Argh. I traced the distance from my house to my school, and I wasn’t shocked to find it was roughly 3.89 miles. Almost 4 miles! Now I didn’t just draw a line directly between the two. I did my best to try to trace the actual usual route it takes to get there (a smidgeon of a road wasn’t shown), but it’s pretty approximate.

image I pass through 3 main roads; Fairbanks N. Houston Rd., Windfern Rd., and the Sam Houston Tollway (Beltway 8). That means a lot of traffic, a lot of commute time, and being put a further distance from my education and friends.

It’s an unfortunate fact that most people I know and ‘consider’ friends live in or around Jersey Village. You don’t find too many interesting people living on the opposite side of the tollway. Life sucks that way for me. I’ve even walked several times before from my home to school, or school to home. It’s NOT fun. Very miserable if you think of such factors like the heat, worry of crossing roads with broken crossing lights, dogs, navigating along the side of roads and staying balanced as you go over ditches, embarrassment if someone you know sees you braving the roads, among other things. It’s awful, the way the Houston suburbs are built.

I’m angry my parents chose to buy a house there. I used to live in a subdivision called Woodland Trails West (which might have been better or not, depending on the matter), and I wanted to live closer to the high school. But the house was so new, and big, my parents wanted it. To me, I don’t care about the darn house. It’s nice, but I want friends more. Fairbanks is pretty boring, with most businesses being dusty mom and pop stores, old and new industrial parks, and lots of trees (which is the only thing I like).

I just want to slap the developer in the head, for building in another dumb place. There’s a really small strip mall near Terrace Brook, and that’s another developer I want to slap, because not even a Walgreens is likely to have that retail space. It has some stores crammed together, and I’m wondering who was an idiot to bother making something so pathetic.

Suburbia near Jersey Village is at least more ideal, because there’s actually businesses you want to go to. Also, the fact that there are schools, not too far apart makes it ideal for actual people to live. These people are pretty lucky. I don’t have such convenience.

I consider my distance away from the school and people to be a factor of my depression and lack of good friends. People, this is an example of what happens when you build WRONG. If someone had taken the time to plan it out better, then the living situation would be great for everyone in that area. Instead, teenagers like me are stuck with this crap called home, which offers nothing but a house.


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