Wonderful time at the Homecoming Parade 2008!

I had a blast at the Homecoming Parade on Wednesday! I originally stayed after to just watch the parade, but luckily I bumped into Hannah Luchak at the main stairway, and asked if what float she was going on. She told me she was going to be on the Junior Class float, and invited me to go on. Yippee. I followed her upstairs, and we waited for the other main members to arrive.

I guess there was a bit of desperation to find more Juniors to get on the float, because it seems that they’ve been hunting for people the last few days, but no luck. Samantha, one of my cool friends, and this Polish foreign exchange student were also invited with me. There was mostly just girls, but at least Marco Luz (amazingly cool person), and I represented the guys of our class. This girl, Megan, mentioned about a senior-junior war going on. It started with some juniors defacing some senior cars, then the seniors retaliated by doing something similar to the juniors vehicles, and then the next night some more juniors trashed up some senior yards with maybe some trash, sinks, and whatnot. On the parade day, some junior cars got tagged on the windshield. Silly war, but it gave me a laugh.

It turns out the Senior class of 09’ didn’t have a float during their Junior year, nor this year. The sponsor/organizer of our float said it’s because they didn’t work hard enough to get it going, and now they’re jealous. So anyway, we started bringing down our banners and bags of candy (we toss these out to the kids), because we were suppose to be with all the other attendees on the band parking lot at 5:30. Well we got there, and at first I thought we were going to march, but luckily somebody managed to find someone with a pick-up truck (I think you had to be 20+ to drive in the parade) to drive us. So we waited and waited. Some girls piled up with the driver in the front, while the rest of us got into the truck bed.

I had a good vantage point of the all the other floats and stuff going on nearby, as we were waiting. I saw the fancy cars that the candidates for Homecoming King and Queen would be driving in, the freshman football float, the varsity volleyball float, the lowrider pick-up truck with the YMPA members, the band people walking across towards their set, the golf team float, etc. It was pretty interesting, and I really wish I still had my camera to snap some shots.

So then finally we started at around 6 PM. We were somewhere in the middle of all the floats. As we were moving off slowly, it felt a bit jolty at first. I was almost afraid I might fall! So I just stuck my leg against the back end, and hoped for the best. So we went off one of the streets the touched Solomon St. (I forgot which), and there were a good number of kids, parents, and elder folks hanging around the street watching. The kids stood nearby waiting for the treats to come. Some just had little bags where they’d pick candy up from the ground or catch it and place into. Others had buckets, which made it fun for us teens to attempt tossing in from a slight distance. One woman had an upside-down umbrella, another girl had this target with a hole in the center, among other people with more creative ideas.

I might have hit a few kids. Anyway, I gave out rainbow Twizzlers (3 small colors of the rainbow in each pouch!), Mini Air Heads, Dum Dums, and Pixie Stix. I ate a few to be honest, but so did other people among other floats. Towards the school, Marco started chanting some Class of ‘10 beats, and we all played along with it. Then finally we reached Congo Lane, and pulled into the back of the school.

There was a pep rally on the football field, and we split up from there. While most people headed for the stands, I decided to go on the field, specifically the area closest to where they’d be doing everything, and just stood just on the penned boundary around it. It was pretty ok. The usual stuff : School spirit chanting, watching the cheerleaders and drill team, seeing the Homecoming candidates, etc.

Overall it was nice to be in a parade, but I wish I had a camera to takes some of those shots. Oh well.


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