Went to the Renaissance Festival

Went to the Texas Renaissance Festival with the school’s drama group, and had a blast! I went to the school at 8:00 (we were all going to meet there, and see who had rides available) but I was a bit too early. So was my friend Laura Hebert and her boyfriend Phillip. They were dressed in some Scottish attire (the festival’s theme this Sunday had the Highland Fling – a Scottish theme). She contacted someone, and we were suppose to be there at 10. Whoops. Laura offered me a ride home, and I gratefully took it.

I came back at 10, and we waited for the rides to come. I was one of the leftovers, and went with my teacher, Mrs. Crocker, her toddler David, Kirstie Valverde, and this Asian girl whose name I never got. So yeah, we drove and drove. It was pretty far out. Went far beyond the end of HWY 249, and deep into the country. Wasn’t as much traffic as we expected. I saw some cool mom & pop stores, and Mrs. Crocker pointed out a neat antiques store. She also described the traffic condition on the day of one of her daughter’s funerals, and how backed up it was. Some people even thought it might have been an important diplomat being buried. A lot of teachers went. So we got there, and grouped up.

We pretty much went our separate ways. I tagged along with Aston Wallin, Zach Hubenak, and this Kelbie, and Ally (freshmen or sophomores, who knows?). We walked around, looking at some stuff. Us guys really admired the fake swords at one place. Then Aston and the girl got some henna tattoos done, of some symbol on their arms, and they were letting it dry or whatever until 20 minutes later, we decided to go into this human maze thing. I thought I could really beat the system, before the others, but I couldn’t. Zachary somehow managed to trace the correct wall of the path we should take, and eventually we found this one little turn off we didn’t notice before. Zach is really smart, did I mention that? The blonde boy was still in the maze, and we directed him out from the scaffold where you just got out of the maze. Hehe.

While Aston and Ally got their Hennas finished, I went out for some more snacks. I got some fries this time (after waiting quite a while for some French people to get their food, but when I came back, the others were gone. Oh well. I just wandered around munching on food. Food was pretty good anyway. Drinks cost around $2.50 each (for like a 22oz bottle) and food was generally around $7 or less. Average fair food that is.

There’s a lot of neat things, and I really wish I could have gotten some snapshots. I’ve never been to the festival before, but I’m surprised at what I’ve been missing! It really does feel like you’re in a whole other place (considering it’s semi-remoteness). Anyway, there was a lot of neat stuff going on, as I trudged around on my own. I met Mrs. Crocker with her son over in this whimsical garden area, sitting near the brook. David was playing with rocks. I laughed; Mrs. Crocker mentioned in the vehicle that David loved those mineral rocks (the natural colorful ones) and that there was a place here where you could dig in the dirt to ‘discover’ some. I gave her my number just in case (she is my ride after all). Then I met up at the jousting arena, where we were all suppose to meet at 2:30. On the way their, I spotted Elizabeth Kilson – the girl I used to like. Well I still have a few feelings for her, but I’ve mostly put it all behind me. Anyway, I spotted her and another guy by their lettermen jackets. They were pretty close with each other, as they were watching a Scottish band play. I felt a pang of jealousy. I decided to keep moving on.

So everyone eventually gathered over at the arena, and we sat near the top of the arena (you walk over a hill, and you’re already at the top). Mrs. Crocker came last. We took a few pictures of us sitting on the benches. Then we all sat around to watch. Just as we were waiting for it to began, I spotted Elizabeth again, and pointed this out to Zach, who was Elizabeth’s ex-boyfriend before this new dude. He said, yeah, he noticed. Then Kirstie was wondering who was I talking about, and where was she, and scampered off towards Elizabeth. Oh, and I also saw Michelle Butcher earlier (in her Scottish clothing) with another friend from school.

Well, as we were waiting for the jousting to begin, as my eyes glanced over the crowd and scenery before me, I felt Zach’s cool blue eyes gazing in my direction. I’ve always had some feelings for Zach, because of the hot beard on his face, his cool bluish-gray eyes, his Slovak roots, and his sheer intelligence. All those features made me interested in him. However, Zach has always treated me more of a colleague. Meaning, we’re not really friends. In fact, he even said so one time. I did say some really strong passionate words one time, for taking Elizabeth away from me, when they were dating, but the words weren’t that terrible. I apologized to him sometime, and I asked why we can’t be on a friend status, and he said I was crass, brutish, and annoying. Along those words. Well, I guess I am, though I usually mean well, and try to be a really nice person. Either way, I still had the hots for him, even if it wasn’t mutual. But being their in the arena, having him sit right next to me, and staring over at me, made me feel something even stronger inside. So after a few seconds had passed, I looked right at him, and wow. Those blue-gray eyes were so piercing, and probably felt as cool as a stone in a brook. I asked, “What?”. Ok, I wasn’t so smooth. He replied, “Oh, nothing” and slowly turned away. Now at that moment, I thought he might be falling in love with me, but now that I think of it, he could have been looking over in Elizabeth’s direction. Most likely the latter, however, it seeing his cute face up close was something I’d pay for to do over and over again.

So the jousting went on, with 4 countries represented : England, France, Germany, and Spain. Zach though we were the French, because we were blue, but it turned out we were actually Germany. Hehe. According to someone, the organizers messed up this particular match. England won anyway, and Zach said it wasn’t a surprise, in his usual sarcastic tone.

So after that, we splat up again and did some more stuff. I just kept on walking around and Zach was already planning on heading home. I also met this girl named Bailey at the arena (she goes to our school too) and had this huge hunky boyfriend with her, and I was wondering what’s the age difference between them? He looked really older with his huge slabs of arm and thickness and he was pretty tall. Bailey, on the other hand, was much shorter, thinner, and almost the opposite. Kinda surprised. Well anyway, I meandered around some more, and finally Mrs. Crocker called me and the Asian girl to go. We said our goodbyes to the rest that were staying, and went. We stopped by the cemetery, so Mrs. Crocker and David could dust off the tombstones and stuff like that. I waited in the car, while Asian girl walked around looking at the graves. On the way home, Mrs. Crocker kept on chatting and chatting. The girl and I thanked Mrs. Crocker for taking us and everything. And that was about it.

I had a swell time, and plan on going again next year.


One response to “Went to the Renaissance Festival

  1. Neato! I went to one myself, and also had a blast. It was pretty small though, since it was a traveling one. Nice to hear you had a good time.

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