Homecoming Game and Dance, Halloween, and other recent happenings

So a lot has gone by since I last posted. Here’s a recap:

Homecoming Game 2008 – I’m writing about this so late, I might have forgotten some stuff. Anyway, I attended the game, and it was us against Cy Springs. So it didn’t seem so bad at first, but the middle of the game got worse, and the end we lost 3-9. Not good. Oh well. We did won last year’s homecoming game though. This was a horrible season though. We didn’t win any games. Period.

Homecoming Dance 2008 – I didn’t have a date. I had a pretend date, this Polish foreign exhchange student. I’ve been telling people of my pretend date called Laura Fenningham from Cy-Woods, so I would feel better about myself. Well “Laura” wasn’t happy I was ‘using’ her like this, so I had to make a story that we broke up right there at the dance. I made myself look mighty sad and melancholy. The dance wasn’t too bad though. There was “A Night in Gotham City” theme, an obvious reference to the hit movie of the Dark Knight that showed during the summer.

Halloween – I went to the castle again this year, at Rolling Fork for the annual Halloween bash they do. This year, it felt kinda sucky to be honest. I used to think more teens went, but it was really a bunch of toddlers and elementary students. Kinda disappointing. I don’t think I saw or recognized any teens there. Usually rides like the mountain climbing wall, mini-Ferris wheel, hayride, and stuff. Closed at 8 PM though. Free popcorn and snocones I think. I decided I want to go home instead, and just give out candy. I did spot some people I knew as they trick-or-treated, like Yareli Carcamo, Tyler, and maybe some more. No parties this year though.

I’ve also been considering a job at the library. This woman that works there, Anita, suggested it to me as I was obtaining a signature for NHS. There are some issues though, like:

  • How will I get there after school – I don’t have a car nor can drive
  • How will I get home? – My mom doesn’t usually get home until 7 PM or after. The library I’m working at closes earlier.
  • Do I have time? – I do participate in after-school clubs, and there’s homework to do. As well as getting on the computer…
  • What days can I work?

There’s a lot to think about. So I’m not quite sure I can handle a job at the moment. Sigh. I’m trying to piece my life though as best as I can. I’ve finished reading Of Mice and Men yesterday, and it was a pretty great book! If you haven’t read it, you should. It’s not long at all, and provides insight of life in the Great Depression (1930’s) and two men who have this American Dream and might fulfill it one day. That’s about it so far.


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